10 Best Free Shows on HappyKids TV

As we go through this month of April it would be great if you could get your kids engaged with some amazing and relevant content. This is why HappyKids TV has ensured that your kids have more than enough interesting stuff to watch.

The content that you find on HappyKids.tv is educational and exciting at the same time. This article will guide you through a list of available shows on the platform.

1. Mademoiselle Zazie

This is a great show that HappyKids TV offers you. Mademoiselle Zazie takes your kids on an adventure with the close pals Max and Zazie. Both of them have lots of fun with the gang – Tariq, Cindy, Pedro, and Abigail.

The content provided by this show will keep your kids actively engaged and make them happy as they watch the show.

2. Ozie Boo

What is Ozie Boo? Ozie Boo is a show, with strings of engaging episodes, that goes as far back as the year 2005. This series is of French origin and is also 3D-animated. Thanks to France-based creators – Cyber Group Studios – your kids can enjoy this animation. PorchLight Entertainment has also made the show available for kids in the United States.

Here’s some more history of the Ozzie Boo show: The earliest season of the show was aired on the local French station, France 5, and also Disney Channel France. Kids watched season two of Ozzie Boo on Canal J. Ozzie Boo is a show that has gone far beyond the shores of France – kids from at least 80 countries have watched it.

American kids got on the 2nd season of Ozzie Boo in the last month of 2005 – season 3 came in two years later. Some of the other channels that show this series are Cula 4 (in Ireland), Ici Radio-Canada, and more.

The episodes in both season 1 and season 2 weren’t long – they lasted for approximately two minutes in season 1, and 7 minutes in season 2. The kids show also got some more views in 2010 when a new string of episodes was released. The new release was themed: Save The Planet.

In this string of episodes, some penguins, under the tutelage of Mr. Pelican, learn how they can protect the environment. TiJi aired this series, which was a collaboration of the French WWF and Cyber Group Studios.

3. Raju the Rickshaw

HappyKids TV features Raju the Rickshaw – a show set in a fictional scene with vibrancy and jollification. It has an interesting appearance and is guaranteed to keep your kids busy.

Follow Raju and his pals – Tina and Charlie – on their several adventures and fun moments. There’s also a bunch of moral lessons to be learned from this show.

4. Guess What

This one features a pair of jolly bunnies. They go by the names Annabel and Timothy. These two will take the kids on an exciting series of adventures.

Whatever puzzle they come accross, these witty rabbits always solve them – after all, it’s what they love doing. The show is interactive, and your kids get to join the rabbits in the Land of Guesses for clues to solve the puzzles.

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5. Leo the Wildlife Ranger

Animals are a lot of fun. Leo the Wildlife Ranger is on HappyKids TV to make your children happy.

Leo and his partner, Katie, along with their dog, Hero, make a great team. These rangers explore lovely animals in their habitat.

6. Patch Pillows

Just like the title says, this show is about an irregular set of Patch pillows. These guys reside in the happy settlement at Patch Valley.

Patch pillows is also an educational show that helps your kids get more familiar with their numbers, letters, and even shapes and color.

7. The Dr. Binocs Show

Dr. Binocs is a show that promotes knowledge of science. The doctor addresses topics like magnetism, shadows, and the likes.

8. Blippi

The Blippi show is also a great pick. There’s a lot of relevant stuff like rhymes, songs, and other educational content for the kids.

9. Nutriventures

Nutriventures is a Nutrition themed show. With the super-abilities that they receive from eating healthy, our heroes go about on adventures to defeat bad guys. They go by the names Ben, Theo, Nina, and Lena.

The evil Alex Grand keeps facing defeat from our brave heroes, who ensure that their home is never lacking healthy foods.

They learn the secret powers that they can get from these foods when they are out on adventures. This show sensitizes your kids, right from an early age, on the dangers of bad eating habits.

10. The Cat in The Hat

The Cat in The Hat offers the kids a lot of fun and exciting trips. Sally and Nick also accompany the cat on these adventures. No doubt, the kids would love this show.

This cat in a hat doesn’t just walk on his adventures. Instead, he travels with Nick and Sally in exceptional style – The Cat in The Hat has an unusual machine, called the Thinga-ma-jigger, which flies him and the gang around.

This machine can undergo various transformations as needed for each adventure. Don’t let the kids miss out on this great show.


With all these shows that we have listed out, you can see that HappyKids TV means business. Instead of leaving the children with nothing to do, get them actively engaged with some of these shows.

There are various moral lessons that the kids will learn, including knowledge of nature and science. Shows like Patch Pillows help your kids to get better with colors, shapes, numbers, and alphabets.

The Nutriventures show also sensitizes your children on the benefits of eating healthy foods. It may help them avoid certain health issues related to bad eating habits later in the future.

If you have any remarks or questions about the shows provided by HappyKids TV, please leave a comment below!


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