10 Ways to Spy IP Address and How to Protect Yourself from This

Most people assume that only your Internet Service Provider can see your IP address. But, this isn’t necessarily the case. The truth is that pretty much anyone can spy IP address using the right tools (most of which are free) and basic tech skills.

The nerdy guy down the street probably has the skills to hack your IP address. He/she can even see your online data. We know this is quite disconcerting. I mean, what would anyone want with your IP address?

There are different reasons and justifications but we’ll get into those later. For now, let’s take a look at the different ways that individuals and organizations can spy IP address.

Below we have 10 of the most common methods that people use to spy IP address:

1. Borrowing Your Computer

One of the easiest ways that somebody can spy IP address is by borrowing your computer or laptop. All they have to do is visit the WhatIsMyIPaddress.com to see it.

2. Checking Your Email

A lot of email providers don’t include your IP address when sending out your emails. However, there’s a chance that your ISP and smaller email providers may be able to reveal your IP address.

3. Taking Advantage of an Email HTML Bug

This type of bug is usually harmless because it’s just a piece of code that’s fixed into an attachment within your email. However, if you click on the image then the sender will be able to access your IP address. This technique is so popular that there are services which are dedicated to helping people create these types of email bugs.

4. Accessing Your Wireless Network

It’s fairly easy to hack into a vulnerable home network, especially if you share your Wi-Fi password with someone. This way they can easily access your IP address.

5. Searching Into Web Server Logs

Another way that people can spy IP address is through your digital website browsing history. Keep in mind that your IP address is like your virtual address or digital pass. Any website that you visit can take a peek at your IP address if they like.

Attention: Read before you continue

Governments and ISPs across the world monitor their users online activities. If found streaming or browsing content on your Fire TV Stick, mobile or PC, you could get into serious trouble.

Currently, the following information is visible: 

  • Your IP:
  • Your Country:
  • Your City:
  • Your ISP:

If this is your real information, you need to use a VPN to protect your identity.

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6. Checking Social Media

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter don’t necessarily reveal your IP address but site administrators can spy IP address whenever you click on particular links or ads.

7. Penetrating Messaging Apps

Mobile phones have IP addresses as well and every time you message someone on Viber or WhatsApp they can see your IP address among other details. However, it gets worse. If someone sends you a link to a website and you click on it, then that site can spy IP address as well.

8. Using Internet Forums

One of the best ways to gain notoriety or boost your online brand is to join a forum which broadcasts relevant discussions and ideas. Even your online handle can reveal your IP address, especially if you post controversial opinions that attract attention towards you.

9. Reading Blog Comments

One of the main reasons why people even post blogs is to voice their honest opinions and they do so from personal computers. Without the right protection, this could open them up to encroachment from third parties that want to view their IP address.

10. Using Your Work Email

Your office email header can also show your IP address and put you in a vulnerable position. Like we said, anyone with the right tools can uncover your location by using your IP address alone.


Well, there you have it! Now you know all the different ways that people can use to spy IP address. So long as you’re using the Internet, there’s a chance that someone will be able to view your IP address and use it for malicious purposes.

The good news is that you can hide your IP address even from the most talented cybercriminals. The best way to do this is to use a Virtual Private Network such as IPVanish. It’s super affordable and allows you to browse the Internet through a different IP address in order to hide your location, your identity and your data.

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