11 YouTube Secrets and Easter Eggs to Try RIGHT NOW

Easter eggs are all over YouTube. They are secret things that are built into the website by developers in order to provide a bit of fun and excitement to end users. Easter eggs and YouTube secrets are embedded in the platform’s UI, and we’re here to reveal them to you.

Top YouTube Secrets

Almost everyone on the planet is aware and utilizing the popular video-sharing platform, so we know you’re excited. Let’s get right into it!

1. Wadsworth

When watching a video, you get a specific URL for it. Add in “&wadsworth=1” to the video URL, and you’ll skip the first thirty percent of the video.

This one is one of the convenient YouTube secrets. It’s an homage to Wadsworth Constant, which is a meme that went viral as it claimed that the first thirty percent of a video is not worth watching.

2. Awesome

This one works regardless of the video that you plan on watching. As soon as you click on a video to watch, type in the word “awesome.” Keep in mind that you shouldn’t type the word in the comments or search bar.

Just click in the blank space on a YouTube page. When you do, the video’s progress bar will start blinking or flashing psychedelic rainbow colors. Are you having trouble getting it to work? If yes, then try the full-screen mode.

When you want to end the epileptic episode, simply type in the word awesome again. This way the progress bar returns to normal.

3. The Harlem Shake

Relive the annoyingly 2013 catchy meme sensation by searching, ‘Do the Harlem shake.’ You will notice the logo of YouTube on your screen’s top left corner will start to dance. The song will also begin to play. As the beat drops, you will see the entire results page moving to the Harlem Shake.

The novelty will definitely wear off, so just stop the music when you want to by clicking the button pause which is right next to the YT logo.

4. Looping a Video

Are you obsessed with a certain song? Perhaps you need to repeat a video of whales singing to help you sleep. Simply right click a video and then select loop.

This is among the YouTube secrets that offer convenience to users. It will allow you to watch a video again and again without you having to hit replay.

5. Webdriver Torso

webdriver torso

The next time you’re on YouTube, type in the search bar the words, “webdriver torso.” You will see the results turning blue and red and “aqua.flv slide 0000-0009″ that is counting on the webpage’s bottom left portion.

This is actually YouTube’s automated account that Google created as a channel to test upload quality. It’s still posting blue and red videos in the test channel, just in case you’re wondering.

6. Doge Meme

Such wow. Much awesome. We are sure you recognize the famous Doge meme that depicts the Shiba Inu, Kabuso, glaring sideways. We’re also sure that you know that it comes with colorful Comic Sans text that’s in poorly written English.

In the search bar, try entering ‘doge meme.’ You will see the fonts transforming into the colorful Comic Sans of the doge meme. Oh, your page will stay like this until you’re fed up with it and close the tab or window.

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7. My Little Pony

Search the word bronies or ponies and cute ponies will be flying across your screen. If you search names of characters that are from the show e.g. rainbow dash, then the top bar will appear in the color of the character. This is one of the cool YouTube secrets that you can show to a kid.

8. Using the Force

You, too, will be able to harness the Force’s power with your mind – or perhaps, your mouse. Search ‘use the force, Luke.’ The video results will begin to float all over your screen widely.

It will only be controlled with your mouse’s movement. If it’s already giving you a migraine, don’t worry. You can leave the results page and the animation will stop. 

9. Stats for Nerds

stats for nerds

This is one of the complicated YouTube secrets. You right click a video, then select ‘stats for nerds.’ When you click on the option, you will get a rundown on the statistics of the video that you are watching. This will include the dimensions, volume percentage, and frame. This one is great if you want to check your connection speed.

10. Quiet Down YouTube

Get rid of clutter that’s on your screen when you’re watching videos. Just put in Quietube in the bookmarks of your browser. Then click the button Bookmark while you’re watching a video.

Doing so will give you either plain black or white as a background when viewing videos. This is great if you don’t want any distractions such as the recommended videos column or comments.

For Firefox users, the YouTube Smart Pause can be used to automatically pause a video that’s playing whenever tabs are switched. There’s something for all Chrome users out there as well, and it’s called Floating YouTube. It’s an extension that plays a video in a movable window. This is great if you need to work on a full screen but you also want to watch a video.

11. Lean Back

If your mouse isn’t working, then add ‘leanback’ at the end of the YouTube URL. This way, you get some keyboard shortcuts. This is also helpful when you’re binge-watching a video or movie.


Google has its own set of secrets and Easter eggs. However, YouTube secrets are funnier. They are also not easy to find. There are Easter eggs that don’t work anymore as YouTube is constantly taking out and adding new ones in their UI.

The most popular one that they removed was the Snake game. This one was accessible when a video was buffering. However, the ones above should work just fine.

Give these YouTube secrets a try and let us know if you liked any of them in the comments below.


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