2019 NVIDIA Shield TV: Top 5 Things You Should Know

There’s no denying that NVIDIA has truly solidified a name for itself in the gaming and tech market. Not only are their graphics cards the best gamers are able to get their hands on, but with the original NVIDIA Shield back in 2015, they also branched out into the streaming and entertainment world!

Many NVIDIA fans had been waiting for a new release when it came to the Shield TV. They were greatly surprised at the result they got. The 2019 NVIDIA Shield TV includes some impressive upgrades, both in visuals and general usability. Better yet, the pro version of the 2019 NVIDIA Shield has an updated processor. It also comes with a new remote control. So, using the Shield TV itself is now easier than ever!

In this article, we’ll go over what you can expect with the 2019 edition:

1. Stream Games

Much like with their PC graphics cards, NVIDIA has never tried to hide its pride in how well their Shield TV comes as a games console. And, of course, the 2019 upgrade improves on this also. Not only does the Shield TV have the complete library of games that are available for Android TV, but users can now take advantage of NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW.

GeForce NOW is a game streaming service. It allows users to connect their Uplay or Steam games libraries. By integrating the cloud, you can play these games in real time on your TV. Not only this, but GeForce NOW is absolutely free! NVIDIA has taken the liberty of creating a collection of games that come free-of-charge too.

It’s worth bearing in mind, however, that it’s up to the user to provide their own controller or keyboard and mouse combo for this to work. Regardless of this, this is an incredible opportunity for regular gamers, or those looking to get more into their gaming. The shear library of both free and paid-for titles available is absolutely huge.

And for those looking to really make the most of this, it’s worth noting that the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro offers some more features. These features are better suited for gamers. You also have more USB ports you can use to connect more controllers, keyboards, mice etc. This gives you even more control over you and your friends’ gaming experience.

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2. AI-Enhanced 4K Upscaling

Processing power was clearly at the forefront of this new design. The 2019 Nvidia Shield TV now boasts a Tegra X1+ chipset. This means an extra 25% in processing power compared to the previous version. And this new processing power isn’t included in vain. It allows for some seriously impressive upscaling, providing breathtaking visuals in up to 4K resolution.

This essentially means that the 2019 Nvidia Shield TV is able to analyze 720p or 1080p content. It can re-create this content in a high resolution, all without any delay. In short, it provides the crispest and clearest images in real-time.

Those who own a 4K TV will truly get the benefit of these. Anything they watch that’s of a lower quality will be boosted up to the higher resolution. This means that not a single pixel will be wasted! This doesn’t just apply to a select few shows, channels or consoles, however. But is compatible with any streaming or media apps.

Once the AI upscaling feature has been manually switched on in the settings, there’s really no reason to turn it off. And for those who are super-curious as to how it works, by fiddling around with the settings enough, you’ll be able to switch back and forth between ordinary viewing and AI upscaling. You can also have a side-by-side to watch live, just to be sure of the extra detail that’s being added.

3. Updated Remote

Besides fantastic upgrades in general and new features in the Shield TV itself, there are also a few upgrades to the remote to look forward to. This remote no longer prioritizes a slim, sleek look over functionality, but prioritizes practicality, ease of use, and even durability to make sure it lasts as long as you need it to.

In short, the remote has been upgraded in almost every way possible. From the way it feels better in your hands, to the backlit buttons, to the dedicate buttons for apps and services like Google Assistant and Netflix. Certain buttons can even be remapped to suit your style of watching. This means that you can access everything you need to quickly and efficiently, making sure you don’t miss out on the action on screen.

No longer is the battery rechargeable, but a set of AAs in the back provides a more consistent power to the remote. Besides Bluetooth connection, infrared is used for volume and power control, giving you the best of both worlds.

And as an added bonus, with the upcoming update, the remote will be compatible with previous versions of the Shield TV as well. So, if you’re not updating your entire setup, you’ll be able to pick up the remote alone.

4. It's the Most Compact and Affordable NVIDIA Shield TV Model Yet

One of the best things certain types of technology can do is get smaller and more compact. This allows it to be stored away with ease. Or you can proudly display it without taking up too much space on your desk, worktop, TV unit, or even something like a shelf.

There’s no doubt then that NVIDIA has really outdone themselves with this redesign of the Shield TV. It’s both smaller and sleeker, giving it a much more aesthetic appearance and practical form. Considering it’s been upgraded in almost every way, this is seriously impressive.

But what’s impressed us the most has to be the price. Despite this piece of technology offering a whole host of options and features, the NVIDIA Shield TV currently sits at just $150. This is mouthwateringly good value, especially considering the old model retailed for more than this. Although the Shield TV seems to have the more casual viewer and gamer in mind, it still has a lot to deliver. It doesn’t slack on performance in any way, shape or form.

Whether you’ve got the original Shield TV and were looking for something with a bit of higher specs, the 2019 NVIDIA Shield TV and TV Pro offer fantastic performance for both streaming and gaming. With the new remote in tow, navigating the interface will be a breeze!

5. Remap the Netflix Button for Another App

button mapper

Having a button dedicated solely for Netflix might sound like some sort of marketing agreement or advertising deal. But being the most popular online streaming service to date is no small feat, so it really does make sense as to why it was included.

But whether you’re not a Netflixer yourself, or there are other apps that you’re more likely to use, there’s an app that lets you remap this ‘Netflix’ button so it activates any app of your choosing. This is if you don’t mind doing a few tech-savvy tinkers on your Shield TV. The app that allows you to do this is called Button Mapper. As the name suggests, this app allows you to remap any button on the remote. This way, you can make that button have a different purpose.

This type of app isn’t exactly revolutionary. But if you’re seriously thinking about picking up a Shield TV, it’s likely to come in very handy! After downloading and installing the app, inside the app choose “Add Button.” Then press on the Netflix button that’s on your Shield TV remote control. Once it appears on the screen, apply any new action or app to that button, and you’re good to go!


All in all, the 2019 NVIDIA Shield TV and TV Pro are great options for both the casual and more dedicated streamer and gamer.

It offers fantastic 4K upscaling, converting ordinary HD into breathtaking quality in real time. It comes with a remote packed with a load of fantastic features. These include settings and buttons, especially the ability to remap to your liking. And with the new host of games on offer, as well as the ability to integrate your own Steam and Uplay and GeForce NOW library, it’s a great option.

This is all topped off with a price that’s not only good on its own, but actually cheaper than the previous model. You’d be a fool to not even consider picking one up!

The 2019 Shield TV is compact, affordable, packed full of fantastic features, robust and efficient. It’s sure to provide you with endless entertainment for years to come. So, what are you waiting for?

Have you tried the 2019 NVIDIA Shield TV? If so, what was your experience? Drop a comment below to let us know!


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