2020 Amazon FireStick Lite Review – Is It Worth $29.99

Looking for a reliable Amazon Firestick Lite review? We understand. We’ve seen some of the reviews out there and we don’t like what we see. So, we decided to do our own research and testing so we could bring you the most comprehensive review possible.

After all, with everything happening in the world right now, video streaming has gone through the roof. And Amazon is at the forefront of this demand. The company’s Fire TV streaming devices come at a relatively affordable price range. The latest Fire TV Stick Lite is going for $30, which is $10 less than the Fire TV Stick model from last year.

But, no worries. You won’t have to compromise any of the apps and games that you’ve become accustomed to with the latest model. It even comes with a voice remote that you can use to control other smart home devices, activate apps, search for TV shows and all by activating the mic button.

But, how does the Lite stack up against other devices in the same price range? Say, the Google Chromecast or the Roku Express? Read on as we answer these and other questions in the following Amazon Firestick Lite review.

FireStick Lite Price

Amazon released the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite on September 30th, with many taking full advantage of the pre-order option to make sure that they don’t miss out on being the first to get this device. It retails for $29.99 in the US and £29.99 in the UK. Australians, on the other hand, have to fork out $59.99 for it.

Nevertheless, the Lite costs less than the original Fire TV Stick which costs $39.99 as of this writing. Or the Fire TV Stick 4K, which retails for $49.99. The Roku Express, on the other hand, is another similar model that costs $29.99, putting it in the same price category as the Lite.

Amazon Prime Day 2020

With Amazon Prime Day being on the horizon, many of us are getting our credit cards ready to make the most of the deals that’ll we’ll see on October 13 to 14.

After all, Prime Day is the perfect time to buy Fire TV devices and other Amazon gadgets for a fraction of their original price.

In fact, Amazon has a reputation for generously slash prices for the latest models so it’s best to leave no stone unturned when shopping on this day. As if that weren’t enough, we still have Black Friday on November 27th to make up for lost time if you happen to miss Prime Day. The potential for deals is endless.

Technical Details

The Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite has some of the best video streaming features that we’ve come across. This includes Full HD resolution support and an option to switch to 4K resolution if you like.

In addition to the powerful processor, the Lite sports high dynamic range (HDR) support which leads to improved contrast and color so you’re able to enjoy a wider spectrum and range of colors and patterns.

Keep in mind that a majority of 4K quality content is filmed in HDR10. This means that if you’re currently using an SDR streamer, then you’re better off with the Lite. To make your viewing experience even better is the HDR10+ format which comes highly recommended for enjoying Amazon Prime Video. It calibrates your picture settings using metadata.

We were pleasantly surprised when writing this Amazon Firestick Lite review to find that it has HDR considering the price point. But it’s a welcome surprise nonetheless.

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FireStick Lite Remote

This Amazon Firestick Lite review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the remote. Now, the Alexa Voice Remote is a feature that we’ve come to expect with most Fire TV device.

It’s the best way to navigate the device’s settings and overall interface. It has all the playback and volume controls. It can also be used to control the device via Alexa voice assistant.

But, the Alexa Voice Remote Lite which comes with the Lite model leaves a lot lacking. For instance, it’s unable to control the hardware that’s powering it. It doesn’t have any of the TV-related controls that we’ve come to expect.

This means that you won’t be able to use it to switch the device on or turn the volume up and down. You’ll have to use your regular TV remote for that, or alternatively, your smart speaker.

User Interface

There aren’t any hardware requirements worth mentioning with the Lite. But we did notice a few changes that had us smiling from ear to ear, particularly with regards to the Fire TV interface.

For instance, you can create unique profiles for each family member that uses the device. This way, your interests never have to clash. Then you’ve got the convenient navigation bar which allows you to include unique and customized apps for each individual profile.

This makes for a seamless user experience, which is complemented by the in-picture mode’s fantastic picture quality. You’ll be able to watch on more than one app at the same time so that footage coming from any of your smart home devices won’t interfere with your favorite show.

Alexa voice commands have a similar feature, as answers are shown in small text boxes instead of filling up the screen with notifications. We really like this feature because those wide-screen notifications were annoying.


When doing this Amazon Firestick Lite review, we made sure to leave no stone unturned. That’s why we can confidently recommend the Lite to anyone that’s looking for a good deal on video streaming devices.

Sure, it’s not a perfect device and you do feel like you’re getting what you pay for in some instances, but we found that a lot of the less desirable features were easy to live with. That’s why the Lite is still worth holding a candle for come Prime Day.

Will you be getting the Lite or the original FireStick this Prime Day? Let us know in the comments down below!


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