4 Best Media Players for Firestick 4K in 2021

Yes, it’s true. Media players are a dime a dozen in a world where streaming has taken over from TV and the cinema. But, it can be difficult to figure out what are the best media players for Firestick 4K and similar devices. This is because most of them don’t have universal compatibility.

You want a media player that supports all the various video extensions that you’ll use. This is without compromising the quality and speed of your watching experience. You want to enjoy all your favorite content including live TV, shows, series, and movies without a glitch and straight from your couch.

The good news is that we’ve found the best open source media players which ticks all the boxes. Read on find out what the best media player for Firestick 4K is and how it works.

Best Media Players for Firestick 4K

What is the best video player for Firestick? Most every media player offers a different set of features that are unique and valuable. That’s what makes it difficult to pick one in the first place. But, we’re here to make this process a lot easier for you. We will do this by narrowing down your options to bring you the very best media players for Firestick 4K.

1. VLC Media Player

vlc media player

VLC media player is one of the best video players for Fire TV on the market. Through constant innovation, they’ve managed to adapt to technological changes in the industry. As such, they offer support for a variety of streaming protocols and media. VLC is a favorite among AV specialists. This is because it’s backed by a powerful audio and video framework as well as excellent customization features.

The optimization starts at the hardware decoder level which is customized for all entry-level devices. This means Firestick users can enjoy seamless video playback without any issues.

VLC Media Player also offers several great features. These include futuristic video and audio effects as well as integrated DNLA cast, synchronization, and subtitle rendering among others.

Install VLC from the WST Filelinked Store

This guide is designed to provide you with all the steps needed to install VLC Media Player for Firestick on a Fire TV device.

Mandatory step: Enable apps from unknown sources on your Firestick.

2. When FileLinked opens, it asks for a code in order to enter a specific store. Use WebSafetyTips FileLinked store code – 11111111 (eight ones).
WebSafetyTips store code on Filelinked
3. Scroll down until you find VLC Media Player file. Tap on it.
install vlc via wst store
4. Go to Install.
install vlc on firestick
5. Now you should tap on Open in order to access VLC Media Player immediately.
open vlc on firestick
You successfully installed VLC Media Player on your Firestick. Play around with it to discover more about its features.

2. MX Player

mx player on firestick

The popularity of MX player for Fire Stick stems from the fact that it was the first multimedia player for TV to provide a multi-core video rendering engine. The player’s developers say that the new version is even more powerful, and comes with the ability to play lossless audio files and high-resolution videos effortlessly.

MX Player also recently launched a streaming platform called MX Player TV which offers a vast library of original web series, TV shows, and movies – for FREE! That means users can watch personal media files and online content in any language they want on the same player with all the fantastic features.

Install MX Player from the WST Filelinked Store

Follow the steps below to learn how to install the MX Player on your Fire TV Stick 4K.

Before we start with the guide, it is very important that you firstly enable apps from unknown sources on your Firestick device.

1. Install FileLinked and launch it on your device.

2. Access the WebSafetyTips FileLinked store code entering 11111111 (eight ones). Go to Continue.

WebSafetyTips store code on Filelinked

3. After entering the store, look for the MX Player file. Click on it and wait for it to download.

Install Mx Player via WST store
4. Click on Install to install MX Player app on your Firestick.
Install MX Player on Firestick
5. Open MX Player right away and clcik on Open.
Open MX Player via wst store
The installation part is over by this step. Enjoy your media player now!

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3. Kodi Player

kodi player

Kodi is another open-source media player that is available for free. It was developed by the Kodi/XBMC Foundation and it’s one of the best media players for Firestick 4K according to the latest trends. In fact, the Kodi player has maintained the same spot on Google Trends for years because of its positive reputation and popularity among users.

The great thing about Kodi is that it’s compatible with a vast array of operating systems and devices. That’s why it boasts millions of users who benefit from its home streaming features as well as in-house IPTV apps for free. You can use the Kodi IPTV addons to stream offline content, as well as live channels, TV episodes, series, and movies.

What is the best external player for Kodi? Kodi Player also enables app installation from third-party and native repositories. Although you cannot download the Kodi app from the Amazon App Store, it’s easy to sideload it onto your Firestick device.

4. Perfect Player

perfect player

As the name implies, Perfect Player is a cutting-edge media player that comes with IPTV support. It’s perfect for the control freaks who like to customize their user interface and video playback and it allows you to play different audio and video formats as well. You can also use it to play EPG URL and M3U content.

Perfect Player also comes with support for XMLTV and JTV electronic program guides. You can even use it to download repo plugins. But, what makes Perfect Player one of the best media players for Firestick 4K in our opinion is how straightforward and easy it is to set up.


As you can see, there are lots of great Firestick-compatible media players. The above list features the best media players for Firestick 4K. You can download them straight from the Amazon App Store or sideload onto your device.

These top rated media players are very user-friendly and don’t require any experience to install or use. Simply navigate to the media player’s settings page. Then go through its features to customize it to your needs and preferences.

Which options do you think are the best media players for Amazon Fire TV? Have you tried one of the options mentioned on this list? Let us know in the comments section below. We love hearing from you!

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Ramon Wiles
Ramon Wiles
4 months ago

I use only MXPlayer and really enjoy it. Highly recommended!!

Royce C.
Royce C.
4 months ago

Great stuff 👍

Robert Cline
Robert Cline
4 months ago

Thanks for the great information and technical advice.

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