A Comprehensive MeCool KM3 Android TV Box Review

MeCool is one of the many companies that have released an exciting range of entertainment and media devices. These devices are compatible with Android TV Box. The company recently announced the release of yet another version of its popular product, the MeCool KM3 Android TV box. 

This model operates on the latest Android 9.0 Pie OS which comes with Google Cast support. But, that’s not all, because this device comes with many other, even more exciting features.

MeCool KM3 Android TV Box Review

Read on to find out more about them in this MeCool KM3 Android TV box review.

The MeCool KM3 Design

The MeCool KM3 comes in an elegant yet modern design that includes a cube-like shape. It has a nice shiny finish that gives it a smooth appearance. 

This device is rather small in size which makes it easy to place anywhere in your house. It comes with HD and 4K ultra support for superb image quality. 

There’s also the smart breathing light function which flashes red when the device is in hibernation or standby mode. And it flashes blue when it’s turned on.

User Interface

user interface

We should mention in this MeCool KM3 Android TV box review that this box works with the latest Android 9 Pie OS. Plus, it’s not rooted so this makes it possible for you to enjoy 4K and HD quality when watching content on streaming platforms like Netflix. 

If it weren’t for its non-rooted status, the MeCool KM3 wouldn’t be able to play this level of quality. 

This is because this box has reportedly been blocked by Netflix. It’s clearly a problem that MeCool will have to work on. This is because Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world.

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UI Features

To continue with our MeCool KM3 Android TV box review, it’s important to note this box’s UI features. 

For instance, it comes with Chromecast and Google Assistant which enable the user to effortlessly enjoy high screen resolution settings. In fact, the MeCool KM3 has been shown to perform better than other TV boxes in this regard. 

This is because it’s particularly optimized for large TV monitors that are made for 4K viewing.


mecool km3 hardware

The MeCool KM3 comes with an impressive 4GB of DDR4 RAM which means plenty of space and high-speed performance. 

This is in addition to a 64GB EMC ROM and a micro SD card slot for you to expand its memory even further. Not only that but this model even features Android 9.0 OS and AmLogic S905X2 support. 

You’ll also enjoy an H.265 supportive, Mali-G31 MP2 decoding graphics processor, a Bluetooth microphone and a battery-powered TV remote for added convenience. You’ll need to purchase two AAA batteries in order to operate the remote though.

Features of the MeCool KM3

This MeCool KM3 Android TV box review wouldn’t be complete without an overview of its fantastic features. You’re looking at a LAN connector, Wi-Fi connectivity with 4GHz and 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi which means it offers dual-band support. 

It also comes with integrated connectors like USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. The Bluetooth 4.1 adapter is worth a mention as well. It enables you to connect this box to an external device, while the RJ45 port has a processing speed of up to 100 Mbps.

The great thing about the MeCool KM3 remote is that it has voice command capabilities which means you can make voice commands instead of punching down instructions. Simply hold press the voice control key to activate the voice command feature. The screen should show a message which says, “Try Saying.” This is the go-ahead for you to speak into the microphone.

The MeCool KM3 TV box is a complete entertainment solution that allows you to enjoy all types of media including videos, images, song playlists, podcasts, and music. The Google Cast allows you to enjoy this entertainment through a wide array of devices like a tablet, smartphone or laptop. It’s just tap and go.

Since the MeCool KM3 has HDR support, you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality and super clear images with the option to add subtitles to any type of video content that you’re watching. 

While users are free to download apps from the Google Play Store in the MeCool KM3, there are also a number of other features to enjoy including NTSC, PAL, 3D games, ISO Files, Miracast, and 3D videos. It’s a full house!


mecool km3 android

This is a proper TV box that comes with all the features you’d expect, yet it comes in a nice compact size and weight. 

The package comes with a TV box, a Power Adapter, an HDMI Cable, a remote control with voice command capabilities and an English manual. 

The complete package itself weighs 0.5350 kg and measures 7.68 x 5.31 x 2.56 inches. The TV box itself weighs 0.1300 kg with dimensions of 4.29 x 4.25 x 0.65 inches.


This MeCool KM3 Android TV box review has been nice but it’s time we get to the most important piece of information – the price. 

This device is available at an affordable price and you can also qualify for a discount. It’s available in different plug sizes which cater to users in the EU and UK.


Hopefully, this MeCool KM3 Android TV box review has given you all the facts and information you need about this device. 

As you can see, it’s a compact but jam-packed device that offers endless entertainment opportunities. It’ll turn your living room into a complete home theatre system with excellent picture and sound quality, ease of use. It’s also available at an affordable price tag.

It’s worth noting that this device is mainly available in black. Its low profile design allows it to fit in seamlessly into any décor scheme. 

It’s also easy to use thanks to the dedicated remote control and smart breathing light function. The MeCool KM3 Android TV box is definitely worth considering for anyone that’s looking for a TV box on a budget.

What do you think about this device? Do you like it? Please leave your opinion in the comments section!


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