ACE is Shutting Down Several Popular Streaming Apps Such as Apollo TV

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably heard about the recent shutting down of the Apollo TV app. This was one of the most popular streaming apps on the market. The story goes the anti-piracy coalition ACE sent a cease and desist note to the founder. Then he had to take down the site effective immediately.

Based on how things are looking, this app is unlikely to re-open. The founder said in a press release that they received a court order from the Alliance 4 Creativity. This is the same group that orchestrated the termination of other popular streaming apps like Streamango and Openload.

Considering that he had copyrighted material on the website, the owner of Apollo TV had to shut down immediately. Or he would risk facing the full extent of the law. It’s in Apollo founder’s interests to comply with the court order as he doesn’t have the resources, cause or time to engage the ACE in a lawsuit.

What Was Apollo TV

In its heyday, Apollo TV was one of the most popular streaming apps. It offered a wide variety of regularly updated content including movies and TV shows. This was a smooth-running app that gave you to the minute content. It allowed users to access all the content from their favorite streaming platforms in one central place.

Although it was a free service, Apollo TV offered a wide variety of features. The biggest draw about this app was the fact that it offered free content and was compatible with Android and iOS devices alike.

It’s also worth noting that the Apollo app was quite unique from its competitors and offered completely new features. You could use it on any operating system and/or device.

Downloading Apollo TV v1.4.7

apollotv interface

When it comes to on-demand entertainment, Apollo TV was unrivaled. It’s one of the few platforms that allowed you to watch the latest TV shows and movies for free and in high quality. It was available to iOS and Android users and had an easy-to-use user interface.

Installing the app was super simple and easy to do as the provider offered all the instructions needed to get through the process. These instructions often included details on how to install it on a Firestick, Windows and Android device.

It truly earned its spot in the list of the most popular streaming apps.

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Apollo TV Features

The Apollo TV features are a great entry into understanding the app and how it works and what it offered.

Here’s a list of Apollo TV apps that users enjoyed for many months:

  • It offered a free and easy-to-use interface
  • It had a voice search feature that facilitated use with a Firestick
  • Being a server-based platform, Apollo TV didn’t work like client-based apps
  • It allowed users to download files to a certain location so that you could literally press a single button to download an entire series.
  • Users would be able to minimize the app in order to work on other applications
  • The app was very well-organized
  • The app offered support from IMDd, voice search, Trakt, and Real Debrid


• Was Apollo TV free?

Apollo TV was free to install and enabled users to watch all kinds of content without worrying about any hidden costs or expenses.

• Was Apollo TV legal?

The app was rather safe even though it offered content from various platforms. Users could access it with peace of mind without worrying about any online threats. 

• How was Apollo TV downloaded on Android?

As a third-party app, Apollo TV required users to allow APK file download in order to access files from unknown sources. This allowed users to watch content from different sources effortlessly.

What are your thoughts on one of the most popular streaming apps being shut down? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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