Amazon Internet Services Could Be a Reality Soon

Why are we talking about Amazon Internet services today? Any company that’s looking to move from cable television delivery to delivering home internet services has to consider broadband. It’s now a reality that cable television is falling apart. Major cable TV companies like Comcast and Charter Communications have taken up the integration of broadband into their businesses.

Internet streaming services can’t be a reality if broadband doesn’t play a part. Taking the US as an example, we can see that certain services have been monopolized by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This has left customers with just two options to pick from. One of these options is slower-speed DSL provision.

It’s a fact that it takes a lot of money to successfully set up Internet Service Provision. Because of this factor, there isn’t much competition for existing Internet Service Providers. The existent ISPs are able to sell their services at whatever price they like and deliver bad services in return. Amazon plans to step into the picture and rectify the situation.

The company will begin Internet Service Provision once it gets the authorization from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Hopefully, Amazon Internet services will make things better.

What is Amazon Doing?

amazon internet

Amazon has started strategizing and making plans on how to implement fast Internet speed into their proposed Internet service provision. Take, for example, the company plans on placing satellites in space to make fast Internet provision a reality. To successfully realize their LTE internet services and integrate the Internet of Things, there’s also a plan to make use of a 3.5 GHz band. This is to set up a wireless network.

You may want to know that Amazon has run some Internet service trials since February. The trial most likely yielded useful results that will make Amazon internet services a possibility, although it hasn’t been actually confirmed.

In addition to these trials, the completion of Amazon Internet Services will be facilitated by the 3,236 satellites that Amazon proposes to put in space. This is as long as the FCC accepts this proposal. CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, shed some light on the strategies that his company has put in place to make Amazon internet a possibility by putting satellites in space. He disclosed these strategies earlier in June 2019.

In order to efficiently distribute equal broadband to consumers around the globe, thousands of satellites will be strategically placed to orbit in space. This is unlike geostationary satellites. One challenge that faces this proposal is that the poles tend to have more broadband concentration.

Looking at the brighter side, this is an opportunity to provide broadband unlike before. The satellites will make it possible for the most remote localities to have access to Amazon internet. This is a huge and paramount proposal considering how much Internet and broadband access is rapidly becoming mandatory in daily engagements.

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The Cost of the Project

This business that Amazon proposes to undertake is very expensive. It’s the kind of expenditure that needs a colossal sum of money as capital. In other words, it’s a high capital expenditure business which is actually good for Amazon. The company is actually financially robust enough to take up this sort of project.

The successful implementation of this project is going to make access to high-speed internet services a possibility for even the most rural and isolated places in the world.

Amazon Internet is initially targeted at rural places that already experience horrible internet access. This is probably with the intention of gaining favor from the government. Regardless, it’s a near-reality that we will have access to super-fast, space-based Internet. The project isn’t just a high capital-demanding expenditure, but it will also serve as a source of large financial returns for investors. This is once it becomes a success.


The Amazon Internet Service proposal is a paramount and revolutionary project in the Internet Service Provision industry.

Their idea of making use of orbiting satellites in space is going to revolutionize fast-speed Internet. Those who have been suffering poor broadband access and slow-internet services will get their share of quality internet.

It makes sense that a financially robust company like Amazon should handle a project like this considering how colossal the project’s expenses are. Let’s all hope that the project successfully gets implemented.

If you have any questions and feedbacks please feel free to leave your comments in the section below!

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1 year ago

Our president will fight tooth and nail to keep Amazon from getting FCC approval. By denying AWS a contract for services because of his dislike of Jeff Bezos, “Cheetoman” has shown that his pettiness supersedes logic and common sense.

Linon Houston
Linon Houston
1 year ago

I would like to be one of your first internet customers

Lee Risner
Lee Risner
1 year ago

what about when it rains or snows will we lose internet like we do with dish tv this will be bad because if we lose the internet we lose all are tv boxes Thank You Lee

1 year ago
Reply to  Lee Risner

Amazon’s proposed system is nothing like Dish or Directv. Hundreds of satellites opposed to 4 or 5, broadcasting from a few hundred miles away as opposed to 75,000. You may not even need a dish! It’s like comparing Bluetooth to broadcast tv.

Lee Risner
Lee Risner
1 year ago
Reply to  Ishmael

Thank U I will try

1 year ago

I gave up the internet via dish type from space because they throttle you after a couple movies and when it rains or is real cloudy, service was poor.

Ian V. McKenzie
Ian V. McKenzie
1 year ago
Reply to  John

This is not little dishes on earth receiving signals rather ones from space transmitting to us on earth,,,Big difference!

1 year ago

Internet from space satellites are unreliable when overcast and the current providers throttle you back to dial up speed after a few movie streams.

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