Are You Keeping Up with the Increased Internet Speed Worldwide?

There’s no denying that we live in a hyper-connected world where the devices we use determine our quality of life both at home and at work. One cannot perform the simplest of daily tasks without consulting with one of the many devices that connect us to the world. And this is why fast Internet speed is so important.

The Global Speed index shows you an updated benchmark of the world’s average Internet speed.

Of course, the Speedtest Global Index is still a very valuable tool when it comes to testing for upload and download speeds according to rank and country. But the Global Speed index is an amalgamation of the different speed rankings of various countries around the world.

It shows increased Internet speed and better connectivity while providing a comprehensive and reliable global average. It also shows which of the world’s most populated countries have experienced increased Internet speed the most.

Keep in mind that a lot of the comparisons featured below are based on Speedtest information captured from November 2016 to November 2017.

This article uses the same monthly threshold that Speedtest Global Index uses. This means that each of the included countries has a minimum fixed broadband of 3,333. And at least 670 Speedtest results each from unique mobile users.

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Worldwide Download Speeds

max speed

The average Mbps speed from around the world is 20.28. This means it has gone up 30.1% over the space of only 12 months. On the other hand, mobile upload speeds have increased by an impressive 38.9%. The fixed broadband global average is 40.11 Mbps and it has recorded a 31.6% increase. This means mobile users have been enjoying speeds that are 97.8% faster. This is in stark contrast to fixed broadband downloads which have only increased by 25.9%.

According to data from November 2017, 134 countries recorded slowed mobile download speeds while another 119 had faster speeds. Currently, 71 countries boast increased Internet speed for fixed broadband compared to the global average. While 185 are slower than the average.

Best Performing Countries Regarding Internet Speed

Mobile download speeds in Laos increased by a whopping 249.5% making it the most improved country in the world. Following at a close second is Vietnam with a 188.7% increase, while Trinidad and Tobago recorded increased Internet speed of 133.1%. This is all based on mobile Internet speeds.

Reunion Island recorded the biggest fixed broadband download speed improvement with an increase of 141.5%. Next to that is Guatemala at 116.7% and in third is Ghana at 82.1%. Libya has recorded a noticeable, albeit small, increase in Mbps speeds with a relatively small improvement in performance as well.

On the other hand, you also have countries that recorded slower speeds overall. A few examples include Cote d’Ivoire where Internet speed decreased by 26.1%, Uzbekistan by 31.8%, and Puerto Rico by 39.8%. to be fair, the latter region’s Internet connection speed was likely affected by the recent Hurricane Maria which basically damaged the country’s mobile infrastructure.

What About the Countries with the Most Population?

The most populated countries in the world account for 57% of the world population. So, it stands to reason that any improvements seen in these countries will amount for a majority of Internet users. The first of these countries is Pakistan whose mobile download speeds increased by 56.2% while India’s increased by 42.2% and Brazil’s by 27.6%. China’s speeds increased by a relatively low 3.3%.

On the other hand, you have countries like Nigeria where the mobile download speed decreased by 8.4% while Bangladesh saw a 7.4% decrease as well.

When it comes to fixed broadband speeds, India leads the pack with a 76.9% increase in 12 months, while China comes second at 42.3% and the U.S. is third at a 37.3% increase. Nigeria is at the bottom of the barrel here again with a very small increase of only 3.8% for fixed broadband download speeds.

How fascinating was this article on increased Internet speed in different countries around the world?

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