What is a Computer Worm?

computer worms

What is a computer worm or virus? Like most people, you’ve probably heard plenty about these two and are wondering if they’re the same thing. The truth is that worms can only operate if they have an active host program to latch onto. They also thrive when placed into an already infected operating system because … Read more

What is a Computer Virus?

what is virus

As the name implies, a computer virus is a type of malevolent software whose main objective is to align itself into a healthy host application code. This is for the sole purpose of self-replication. Cyber attackers use viruses to take control or simply damage a computer. The word ‘virus’ comes from the fact that this … Read more

Top 7 Tips on How to Prevent Malware Attacks Directed to Your Business

malware security

Cybersecurity is fast becoming a significant risk factor for individuals and organizations alike so you need to know how to prevent malware attacks. Pretty much anyone who uses the Internet is vulnerable to attacks. This is because hackers constantly work to develop innovative and advanced cybersecurity tricks that will be difficult to track and prevent. … Read more