ISPs Monitoring IPTV Pirates According to Court Documents

ISPs Monitoring IPTV Pirates

For about 15 years, European authorities have been fighting against piracy websites with an ever-growing amount of anti-piracy regulation as well as ISP monitoring IPTV pirates and the like. In order to block piracy sites though, a copyright holder from the entertainment industry has to file a “no-fault” injunction. This injunction indemnifies the internet service … Read more

Pirates of Movie ‘The Outpost’ to Face the Canada Federal Court

the outpost movie

The Outpost Movie is in the headlines for unexpected reasons. According to recent reports, a number of Internet users allegedly shared and downloaded copyrighted content. As in most cases, the alleged perpetrators are torrenters who decided to perform their illicit activities without the use of a reliable VPN. They made it easy for anti-piracy companies … Read more


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