10 Best Free Shows on HappyKids TV

HappyKids TV

As we go through this month of April it would be great if you could get your kids engaged with some amazing and relevant content. This is why HappyKids TV has ensured that your kids have more than enough interesting stuff to watch. The content that you find on HappyKids.tv is educational and exciting at … Read more

20,000 On Demand Movies Firestick and TV Shows

on demand movies firestick

The way we consume content has changed dramatically over the years. With the rise of portable devices, the Internet, and online streaming platforms, it’s possible to find and watch the on demand movies Firestick from wherever you are. The diversity of content is also huge. Despite this, there are still so many copyright issues you … Read more

Top 5 New Anime Shows on Netflix Coming This Month

New Anime Shows

More anime shows on Netflix available right now, as the platform recently added a whole host of new shows to its library. This comes at just the right time. Millions of anime fans have their faces glued to the screen due to Coronavirus quarantine measures. From March 2020, fans will see the launch of original … Read more

Remote Work from Home During Coronavirus: How Will It Affect the Internet

remote work from home during coronavirus

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, many countries have responded by imposing nationwide lockdowns and quarantine measures. This means closed schools, businesses and universities.  It also means that remote work from home during coronavirus is now a thing. And so is the concern about the Internet’s ability to handle the increased demand. Long story short; … Read more