Amazon Internet Services Could Be a Reality Soon

Amazon Internet Services

Why are we talking about Amazon Internet services today? Any company that’s looking to move from cable television delivery to delivering home internet services has to consider broadband. It’s now a reality that cable television is falling apart. Major cable TV companies like Comcast and Charter Communications have taken up the integration of broadband into … Read more

NFL TV Rights: Who’s Going to Get Them?

NFL TV Rights

It seems that several media companies are fighting over NFL TV rights. The NFL Players Association, along with the NFL owners, will come up with a bargaining agreement over the terms this Thursday. These media companies have been waiting for approval from CBA before they start negotiating broadcast rights for these NFL games. Whatever the … Read more

Netflix Anime Collection: How It’s Expanding

Netflix Anime Collection

Netflix is one of the most innovative streaming platforms in the game. They’ve shown this innovation by committing to bringing viewers more anime content. However, it still came as a pleasant surprise to see that the Netflix anime collection is expanding sooner than expected. The platform has partnered with six of Japan’s greatest anime developers … Read more

Italian Police Reports Pirate IPTV Subscribers

pirate IPTV subscribers

Pirate IPTV subscribers had to face a huge problem last summer when the Italian police authorities decided to shut down Xtream-Codes. According to reports, the IPTV management service works with 5,000 pirate services that have around 50 million users in total. The action of the Italian law enforcers has caused chaos with the various IPTV … Read more

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