How to Bypass Digital Surveillance

digital surveillance

Geo-restriction or geo-blocking limits user access to specific content based on geographic location. Geo-restrictions typically apply to streaming platforms that provide access to content that comes from different companies. Governments apply geo-restrictions in order to prohibit their citizens from accessing certain online services or websites. Reasons why geo-blocking exists: Illegal content Censorship Irrelevant content Copyright … Read more

How to Avoid Data Theft

data theft

As the name implies, data theft happens when someone steals private information that they’re not supposed to have access to. Hackers, scammers, and other third-party snoopers are usually to blame for this practice. The most common types of information that people steal include login credentials, health records, bank account details, etc. Online criminals can use … Read more

Bypass Geo Blocking Step by Step in 2020:

geo restrictions

Geo-restriction refers to the practice of limiting user access to certain online content because of their geographical location. You’ve probably come across geo-restrictions while browsing the Internet without even realizing it and it often shows up when you try to stream or download certain content. That’s when you know you need to bypass geo blocking. … Read more

How to Avoid Office Restrictions

access blocked websites

Office Internet restrictions refer to a practice where employers try to limit or restrict the online activity of employees. Employers do this to increase productivity or to protect their servers from hacking through careless Internet use. On the other hand, employees end up feeling repressed. Here are some of the most blocked content types: Adult … Read more

How to Avoid Government Censorship in 2019

internet censorship

Internet censorship refers to the process of limiting, manipulating or otherwise blocking internet users from accessing certain content. Governments typically use censorship as a strategy to control the flow of information or to suppress certain ideas by limiting their accessibility online. At first, censorship was most common with oppressive governments but it’s becoming increasingly prevalent … Read more

?Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use a VPN

guy with a white balloon Reasons Why You Should Use a VPN

With online threats and online predators operating at an all-time high, it makes sense that you’d turn to VPNs for protection. VPN are a simple, low-cost online security solution that’s available to PC and smartphone users alike.  While installing a VPN shouldn’t replace other forms of protection, it’s an important tool in your arsenal of … Read more