WARNING: Congress Abolishes Internet Privacy Laws. Secure yourself now!

American citizens have been facing a threat on their privacy, especially since the US Congress announced recently that it has canceled internet privacy laws.

What does Internet privacy risk mean for Internet users in the U.S.?

Likely, whatever Internet Service Providers you are using, including major ones like Cox, Time Warner, Xfinity, AT&T, and Century Link, now can legally sell your personal info and browsing history, as a consumer without consent. 

Here is a sample of what personal data is at risk:

How can you protect yourself?

When you sign up for this VPN, approved by us at websafetytips, it will automatically encrypt all the sent and received data on the internet continuously. 

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How Does this VPN Work?

What's next as Congress cancels Internet Privacy Laws?

Simply put, we must secure all our devices connected to the internet. It’s not as simple as switching ISPs because ISPs usually have a monopoly over many areas.

The authorized reasoning is that customers’ privacy laws have unduly given the capacity to gather more data to the websites than the internet service providers. 

To understand why Congress eliminated privacy laws was because they felt websites (such as Facebook) had the ability to harvest data, while ISPs did not. It was unfair, in their opinion to provide higher standards for ISP. So consequently, Congress canceled privacy laws and reduced the security level for the American users.

Consumers were definitely not on the mind during their decision. This makes a reliable VPN the only reasonable answer. Let’s do everything possible to make the digital world safer for yourself and for everybody. 

Ask yourself the following:

What about Net Neutrality:

Net Neutrality laws have also been a hot topic. In addition to worrying about your privacy, you may likely soon have to consider which web content could affect your Internet bill. Repealing Net Neutrality means that ISP will be the one determining which web content would have priority to receiving the higher Internet speed for you. 

Essentially, ISP will have the power to control what content people can and cannot consume. They can also arbitrarily determine your Internet bill and your speeds. 

Putting it all together-

The laws are highly favoring the big companies, aka your ISPs like Verizon corporation and AT&T, at the loss of us, the American people.

The security on the Internet is getting more and more important, and the onus is on you to protect yourself. We’re here to support you from release of your private information and from third party data selling. Do not let anyone else take your personal data and protect your online identity using our recommended Secure VPN.

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