CotoMovies User Data Could Be Handed Over to the Authorities by the Developer

According to its developers, CotoMovies shut down officially so what happens to CotoMovies user data? This popular movie streaming app got into trouble when the “Hellboy” movie producers targeted it through the Tweakbox 3rd party app.

As a result, the developer had to apologize for uploading copyrighted content and hand over CotoMovies user data to authorities.

The app creator released a statement recently where it reiterated this point, stating that it intends to transfer CotoMovies user data to counsel. This is because some of it is intertwined with copyrighted information.

What is CotoMovies?

CotoMovie is known as the second coming of the BobbyMovie app. It was compatible with iOS devices and changed its name to CotoMovie thanks to an upgrade which saw the app becoming available to all devices including Mac, Windows PC, Android TV, Smart TV, Apple TV, and Android.

The great thing about the CotoMovies update is that it contains many awesome features that made it very popular with users. That’s why it was seen as a significant upgrade from the BobbyMovie app.

Is CotoMovies Safe to Download?

cotomovies interface

The Coto Movies Firestick app is available courtesy of BobbyHD which is one of the most well-known developers in the industry. They’ve been around since 20113 and were known for providing reliable streaming content.

However, after conducting a few scans on the app file, we saw a lot of malicious malware. That’s why it’s recommended to download the app straight from the developer’s website. This is an official app that’s different from untrusted and mirror websites which contain a version that has harmful malware.

Is CotoMovies Legal?

The CotoMovies app doesn’t meet the Play Store requirements, hence it’s not available.

This is mainly due to copyright content and legal issues even though CotoMovies itself doesn’t host any copyrighted content. It does offer streaming links from various host services. CotoMovies doesn’t own any of them though.

As a result, it’s 100% safe but it’s not necessarily legal. Since there are a lot of grey areas involved in using this app, it’s safe to say that users are advised to use it at their own risk.

What Devices Are Supported?

When it comes to platform support, CotoMovies is compatible with a number of different devices, despite the fact that it was initially developed for iOS devices.

You can now find it on the following:

  • Kodi
  • Android Box/TV
  • Windows PC
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Mac

In order to operate the CotoMovies app safely, you should avoid downloading it from dodgy third-party apps and stores. These are usually unofficial apps that look like the real thing. But they come with malware and other security threats that will affect your device negatively.

How Did This All Start?

cotomovies app

So how did the CotoMoto developer start talking about handing over CotoMovies user data? It all started when Tweakbox started streaming the movies “Angel Has Fallen” and “Hellboy.” Both copyright holders of these movies requested that the app stop streaming the movies along with other video apps.

Is CotoMovies down or not working? The app then shut down after it was removed from Tweakbox and it appears that the two parties have reached a settlement of some sort.

The attorney who represents the Hellboy film creators said that they are looking to pursue further action, particularly going after CotoMovies user data.

What to Do?

The best way to protect yourself from this level of intrusion is to use a VPN that’ll keep your identity and your data completely anonymous when streaming.

A VPN will also help to block out any government agencies, ISPs and other third-parties that may want to see what you’re doing.

IPVanish comes highly recommended in this regard because they offer a lot of servers to choose from. They have a zero-traffic log policy which means none of your browsing data can be stored on their servers.


Lately, copyright owners have been pushing more than ever to get rid of illegal streaming apps and the people who use them. The end goal is to criminalize streaming altogether, so having a VPN will come in handy when this regulation comes into effect.

What are your thoughts on CotoMovies user data being handed over to the authorities? Let us know in the comments below!


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