DISH Threatens to Sue IPTV Subscribers Because Suppliers Are Snitching

According to Cord Cutters report over the previous summer, DISH was threatening to file a lawsuit against IPTV owners and their subscribers. Although it seemed like a rather lightweight warning, DISH has since reiterated its position. It now wants to sue not only IPTV providers and its subscribers but resellers as well.

What is DISH?

Before we go into the story of how DISH threatens IPTV subscribers, let’s start with a bit of background information. DISH Network Corporation is a U.S. TV provider or network that’s based in Meridian, Colorado.

It owns and operates the DISH direct-broadcast satellite provider as well as the Sling TV IPTV service. The company boasts 17,000 employees and this growing trend of cord-cutters is threating their jobs. These cord-cutters choose to stream TV shows on “free” websites instead of paying for it as they should.

By the end of 2018, DISH had 381,000 less subscribers. The provider’s subscriber list went down from 11 million to 9 million over the course of a few years. The company’s main competitors include cable TV providers as well as satellite services such as AT&T’s DirecTV. The company raked in about $13.6 billion throughout 2018.

DISH’s main offering is that of satellite TV services which are quite similar to those offered by cable companies and satellite providers. DISH offers a wide range of service packages which get progressively pricier the more versatile they are.

They even have a program that includes premium channels from around the world. DISH even owns Blockbuster LLC which means it has the right to offer mail-to-order and streaming services.

What is Happening?

Now DISH threatens IPTV subscribers with lawsuits. Sources say that DISH has a joint venture with NagraStar which has allowed the company to acquire PayPal transactions coming from numerous IPTV services.

Armed with this information, DISH is now sending demand letters to former IPTV clients. Failure to meet the demands set in said letters could lead to legal action or hefty fines. Reports have been rolling in stating that DISH has sent multiple warning letters and support documentation to several IPTV services.

You’re probably wondering, what is NagraStar and what role does it play in all this? NagraStar owns a website known as SatScams that wants to raise awareness about the criminal and civil action that NagraStar is taking against IPTV providers. NagraStar isn’t acting alone however, as it’s partnered with Bell TV and DISH Network.

The three companies are targeting parties who have attempted to fraudulently acquire Bell or DISH programming. This includes receiving unauthorized programming, illegally designing, marketing, manufacturing and selling devices that give users access to Bell TV and DISH Network satellite signals. Perpetrators typically do all of this without getting the proper authorization or even paying the rightful owners.

Who Should Be Worried?

dish network

This is why DISH threatens IPTV subscribers makes sense and reports state that the trio is willing to accept payment of about $3,500 from anyone who’s bought illegal content from the implicated IPTVs. As for those who’ve sold and marketed IPTV services they are expected to pay about $7,500. This is just a tip of the iceberg as DISH has successfully sued certain resellers for millions of dollars.

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It’s interesting to note that the news of DISH threatens IPTV subscribers is happening at the same time that DISH is partnering with the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment to sue IPTV services known as “Kodi Box” resellers.

This has led to the shutdown of popular IPTV services such as Simply TV and Vadar. This means that subscribers of these services will probably face legal action as well.


Experts say we should expect even more lawsuits to pop up after Simply TV and Vader. Just consider the IPTV situation that’s playing out in Europe where police were able to shut down operations that served well over 5,000 resellers and 50 million customers. The question is how will these events affect DISH threatens IPTV subscribers. One theory is that DISH will use the Vader data in this case and many other cases.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about this situation!

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Sebastian Rahaus
Sebastian Rahaus
10 months ago

I am totally agreed because IPTV is best ever than dish. Thanks for sharing the information.