ES File Explorer Pro Will Now Cost $9.99 a Month

Have you heard about ES File Explorer Pro, the latest version of the popular file manager app from ES Global? This is basically a premium version of the app that will cost you $9.99 per month. With this new version, you get to enjoy the following features:

  • File cleaning
  • Professional file analysis
  • Side-loading applications
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Video player
  • Zip file extraction

The ES File Explorer Pro is highly recommended for cord-cutters and tech-junkies. Before, they could use the app for free. But with the pro version, you will have to pay to get access to premium features as well.

What is the ES File Explorer?

es premium

The ES File Explorer is an app that you can install on various devices, which include the Firestick from Amazon, one of the most popular streaming devices these days. This app is very useful for managing and cleaning files on your devices.

If you’re going to install the app from the Amazon app store, you will be able to enjoy a free trial for seven days. After your free trial ends, you’ll have to pay $9.99 for the first month.

Although the ES File Explorer is very useful for managing content and files in your device, the app’s most popular feature is its ability to side-load third-party apps that you can’t find on Amazon’s app store. Now that the premium version of the app comes with a fee, users who are not keen on paying will no longer have a way to download these third-party apps.

What to Do About This?

Fortunately, there are still ways to use the ES File Explorer to sideload third-party apps. So, for cord-cutters out there, here are some alternatives.

First, there’s the Downloader app. This app will let you install third-party apps by simply clicking on a button. With this app, you’ll be able to sideload thousands of apps in your device quickly. Best of all, it’s free to use.

But if you still prefer to use the ES File Explorer and take advantage of its features, there’s another option that you can try. The best way to enjoy the features of the ES File Explorer Pro without paying is by using the app’s modded version, which you can install on your device.

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Why Did They Remove ES File Explorer from Google Play Store?

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The ES File Explorer was removed from Play Store in April, 2019 together with the other apps developed by the DU Group according to online reports.

According to the report, the company that owned the ES File Explorer has been found to be committing fraud. Known as “clicking fraud”, the act means clicking ads from the apps on the user’s background without users’ permission.

The company immediately responded to this claim. According to them, they are aware of the various media reports regarding their apps. They are fully aware of the serious nature of these allegations. Thus, they have immediately initiated an investigation to look into the matter.

They admitted finding irregularities in some of their products’ use of advertisements. In line with this, understand and have accepted Google’s decision. They further revealed that they are actively working with Google in conducting a thorough investigation on the apps involved.

The company also thanked their partners, the media, as well as the public for the continued support. They assured everyone that they will strictly follow relevant rules and regulations in the future and will continue to conduct a comprehensive review of all their products so as to avoid these things from happening again.


The DU Group admitted that this issue has caused great concern and misunderstanding because they were not able to release their statement at the right time and provide the necessary information. Because of this, the company asked for an apology.

As of now, it’s not yet clear if the ES File Explorer is going to come back to Play Store. But many are hoping that it will.

What about you? Are you hoping for the ES File Explorer Pro to become available again on the Google Play Store? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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