FuboTV to Add a Lot More 4K Content

In an exciting announcement, FuboTV revealed that it would add 4K content support on its platform particularly for the OnePlanet BBC America’s Seven World show. The show will initially air in HD but FuboTV has made provision to provide a 4K version for on-demand users.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the first time that FuboTV has made provision for 4K content support. All of their sporting events are aired in 4K. This includes NASCAR, NCAA basketball, MLB playoffs, soccer and more. But, this is the first time that FuboTV is actually making 4K content available for lifestyle and entertainment content.

Another channel whose shows will be appearing in 4K is the Big Ten Network. However, there’s some content that has been left out of the 4K lineup. This includes NBCSN, BTN, FS, and Fox.

What Does FuboTV Offer?

FuboTV offers a lot of content besides their sports shows and channels. This includes HGTV, A &E SyFy and FX. You can also expect to see channels like Fox, NBC, and CBS from FuboTV all of which offer on-demand shows in different markets.

FuboTV is popular due to its selection of sports channels which tend to cost a lot more in some channels. For instance, you can’t access Eleven Sports or BeIN Sports on DirectTV Now. For $70 a month on FuboTV you can get both Fox Soccer Plus and Eleven Sports on other platforms. But you’d still be missing channels like BeIN Sports. As for Hulu, it doesn’t come with any of these sports channels. On the other hand, FuboTV comes with these and other sports options including MSG from New York, which is exclusive to the streaming service.

The FuboTV format works similarly to streaming bundle options available on the market. This means you get a number of different streaming channels from the same source. Most of these even come with on-demand video and replay support which allows you to see past programs with ease. Or you can watch any of the TV Everywhere apps that are exclusively available on the streaming service.

DVR is also available but it only allows you to record for 30 hours. You can upgrade to 500 hours for $10 extra per month. For this amount, you may also add two extra streams as well.

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How Does FuboTV Work?

In the past, FuboTV really struggled with bugs and other technical issues. Luckily, all of their features are available to all users, regardless of the type of device you’re using, including DVR access.

If you’re watching FuboTV on Roku or Apple TV you’ll notice that they offer additional highlights of programs that are coming up. This means you’re able to figure out what time your favorite sports show will start and how long they’ll take. This is available for horse racing, golf, rugby, cricket, tennis, football, and soccer.

The same goes for movies and TV shows menus which are available courtesy of a grid-style channel guide. FuboTV is similar to Android TV. It has a slick and sophisticated design.

However, FuboTV uses a more user-friendly user interface which has become synonymous with online streaming services and bundles. For instance, FuboTV won’t allow you to reload previous programs and channels. Personal recommendations are limited to a small number of mobile devices and of course, Apple TV. This means that the platform doesn’t offer unlimited support and it keeps certain users out.

When it comes to video playback, FuboTV doesn’t really live up to its promise of providing low-latency streaming. Most live streaming events such as NBC and FS1 sports were delayed by up to 30 seconds at a time when compared to how they arrived on the same channels in streaming services like PlayStation Vue and Sling TV.

This makes it difficult to follow social media updates of live gameplay commentary. Also, FuboTV can only manage to stream a small amount of 4K content at a time, with most sporting events being available in HD. Most of FuboTV’s competitors have made both 4K content and 4K HDR available but FuboTV is struggling to reach that point.

What are your thoughts on FuboTV providing more 4K content in its menu of options? Are you excited about the prospects that this offers? Let us know in the comments below.


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