How to Fully Load Your Firestick with One Click

Have you used tools to install many third party APK files on your Fire TV devices?

If you have, then you know the issues you have to deal with. This process takes a long time because you get several dialogue prompts during the process. So you always have to be at your remote when you install apps.

But you don’t have to stress anymore. AppTuner remotely installs apps on your Firestick and make things easier for you! It allows you to drink a coffee while it installs as many apps as you like, in the background. 

How to fully load Amazon Fire Stick? All you need is a Windows PC and your Amazon Fire Stick fully loaded!

Attention: Read before you continue

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How to Fully Load Your Fire Stick or Fire TV Device with One Click Using AppTuner

AppTuner is compatible with all Windows operating systems from Windows Vista to Windows 10. By using AppTuner, you will be able to install all kinds of files you want in a quick and easy way. It will make your Fire TV Stick more flexible.

Did you know that you can fully load your Firestick with just one click and what is a fully loaded Fire Stick?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to guide you through the entire process.

1. Open your browser and go to or simply click this link.

2. Download the app by clicking on the “DOWNLOAD APPTUNER” button.

3. If a warning message appears, there is nothing to worry about! 
We have done all the research and used AppTuner for a long time, so you can rest assured that it won’t harm your computer.

Click on “Keep” to continue.

apptuner warning message

4. When Apptuner is finally downloaded, right click on the file and click on “Show in folder” option to access it faster.

show AppTunner file in folder
5. Patiently wait a few minutes for AppTuner to finish installing on your device.
Installing AppTuner on Windows

A Windows Defender SmartSceen will pop up to prevent unrecognized app from running. Make sure to tap on “More info” and “Run Anyway.”

windows defender smart screen
run anywaw windows defender smart screen

6. This is a very important step as it’s essential for AppTuner to be connected with the Firestick in order to continue working properly.

After AppTuner is launched, an ERROR will show that says “ADB ERROR at your device.”

This means you must follow this short guide on how to enable apps from unknown source on Firestick in order to continue using AppTuner.

ADB debugging error on AppTuner

7. After you are done with enabling ADB DEBUGGING on your Firestick, click the button as shown in the photo to automatically connect your Firestick with the AppTuner app.

This can only be done if your Firestick and your computer are connected to the same router.

AppTuner automatic pairing

8. At this point, AppTuner should automatically detect your Firestick device.
Wait a few seconds for the connection to happen. Then, you should see your Firestick listed in the AppTuner device list.

wait for AppTuner to detect Firestick

9. If AppTuner can’t detect Firestick automatically, for any possible reason, you can connect it manually by just adding your Firestick Address IP.

To do this, click the “+” button on the pairing section as shown in the photo.

pair AppTuner manually

But, how to find Firestick Address IP?

10. Launch your Firestick and go to Settings  and search for “My Fire TV.” Click on About.

About on My Fire TV

11. At the Network option you will find a lot of information listed, but this time we only need the IP Address.

Network on My Fire TV
12. Make sure you enter your Firestick IP Address in the box, as shown in the example.

13. After you are done, click “OK.”

Add Firestick IP manually on AppTuner

14. Now that your Firestick is connected to AppTuner, it’s time to jump and load the Firestick.

15. In order to show you how to load a Firestick with one click, we downloaded some APKs from their official websites and placed them in a folder. (shown below) .

16. Go to Batch Installer and click on it.

batch installer on Apptuner

Hint: Drag and Drop the APKs files on the drop area all at once.

Drag & Drop Hint on AppTuner
drag and drop files

17. Click on “Start all tasks” to continue.

Start all tasks on AppTuner
The installation process should look like in the photo below.
installation process on AppTuner

18. After the installation process is done, a popup will appear. Click “OK” to approve it.

all tasks completed on Apptuner
19. Go and check your Firestick. Press the Home button for 4 seconds on your remote controller and under Apps you will find all the apps you loaded in the previous steps.
apps on Firestick

20. Now that your Firestick is loaded with new content, we would like to show you how to take a screenshot of your Firestick screen.

It’s pretty easy, just click on the “Take Snapshot” option and Save the image on your computer.

Take screenshot of Firestick

AppTuner comes with a 3 days free trail but also offers you to purchase a License Key via PayPal or credit card, so you can benefit from all AppTuner features.

You can get your Licence Key by clicking the dollar sign on the main toolbar or whenever a “License Validation” popup appears. On your default browser a pricing table will appear with all the information needed.

purchase AppTuner license key
License Validation of AppTuner

Licence Key unlocks AppTuner for 1 Month, 3 Months or 12 Months, depending on the plan you purchase.

apptuner pricing table

We recommend you use a quality VPN service like IPVanish when using your Firestick so your identity is protected at all times.

Let us know in the comments section down below what you think about this tutorial or if you have any question!


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