Here Are the Reasons Why Pirated Movie Sites Are So Popular

Everyone loves freebies, which is why legit streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu have to constantly compete with illegal websites that offer similar content for free. Interestingly, pirated movie sites receive tons of traffic each month and earn a lot of money through pop-up ads. They also require users to turn off ad blockers in order to access the content.

Main Reasons Why Pirated or Illegal Movie Websites Have So Many Users

Here are a few reasons why pirated movie sites are often more popular than their legitimate counterparts.

  1. You get to watch your favorite movies for free. No monthly subscription costs, no need to pull out your credit card.
  2. These websites always have the latest movie and series releases, sometimes even before the legal websites upload them.
  3. Pirated movie sites allow you to stream HD, full HD, and even 4K content absolutely for free. On the other hand, streaming websites like Netflix charge you a premium for HD quality content.

What is the Dark Side of This?

  1. You will always experience spammy ad popups that may even spontaneously open in a new browser.
  2. Your device might get virus and malware infections from using pirated movie sites.
  3. They place your privacy and data at risk. These sites can easily steal your credentials, including your passwords etc.
  4. Streaming or downloading movies illegally can get you in a lot of hot water. You could end up paying exorbitant fines that make subscription fees pale in comparison.

Attention: Read before you continue

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Does Google Promote Pirated Movie Sites?

pirated content

Google is arguably the biggest and most popular search engine in the world. It carries a unique ranking system that rates websites based on certain variables. Google also has a criteria for removing websites, and they often do so when the site has received too many complaints.

This is often the case with pirated websites. But, even after being penalized by Google, these websites usually bounce back under another name.

Best Ranked Pirated Movie Websites

Like most people, you probably assume that streaming websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu are the most popular. But, if you were to perform a Google search, these aren’t the websites that’ll show up.

What comes up when searching the keyword “Watch Movies Online” on Google?

You don’t even have to add the words “free” when searching for movie streaming sites on Google and you’ll still get pirated movie sites in the top 10 results. In fact, if you input the words “watch movies online” on Google’s search engine you’ll come across the following list of websites.

Keep in mind that these search results are based on the United States region and results might be different if you perform your search from another region.


As you can see, most of the high-ranking movie streaming websites on Google are illegal.

Watch HD Movies Online

movie selection

Websites that come up when you search the keyword “Watch HD Movies Online”


Keep in mind that all of the above websites show up when you input the phrase, “watch HD movies online.” However, it’s not just limited to these terms. You could be searching for something as simple as streaming movies online and these results will show up.

These pirated movie sites stay relevant because they upload content regularly and this includes all the latest show episodes and movies. They’re also willing to upload poor quality videos while waiting for the full release of the HD version, just to remain on the top spot in the search engine rankings.

While Google does take measures to penalize such websites, it’s almost impossible to fully eliminate them because thousands of new ones pop up every day. Most of them just “re-upload” content from other sites and are full of spam ads and malicious content.


To protect yourself from these and other online cybersecurity risks, be sure to always use a VPN like IPVanish when browsing the web, streaming and downloading movies. This’ll keep you safe from data theft, identity theft and more.

What’s your experience with pirated movie sites? Have you ever been spammed by one of them?

Tell us in the comments section below. We love hearing from you!

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