How is the Fake Showbox App Being Used to Scam People

As you are probably aware, Showbox has shut down and is no longer available. It may come back at some point in the future but you should really start considering moving away from Showbox. There are, however, a few things you need to be aware of about Showbox apps that you find online today.

You must by now know that if you already have any app installed on your device and then try to install it again, the new version will not install successfully. However, I have actually installed three versions of Showbox apps but only one of them is the genuine application. If you have done the same then you know that the only genuine and official Showbox app is the one that has an eye icon.

There are many variations of fake Showbox apps. But the most common either don’t have the right logo or if they do they’ll come with the Showbox name and an extension For example, Showbox-1 or something similar. These are all fakes!

How Do Fake Showbox Apps Work?

showbox interface

When you open the official Showbox app you’ll see the usual error message that states “Connection error. Check your Internet connection”. Everybody trying to connect to the official Showbox is getting that error message. But being the curious humans that we are, most people are going online to look for a working version of the same app. The huge number of people looking for working versions or alternatives of the official Showbox app has made it quite easy to fall for spammy apps available on the market today.

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If you have downloaded the “unofficial” Showbox app and click to open it, you’ll notice that it is just the logo then an advert and nothing else. There are no options for movies, TV shows, or anything that really matters. You will get adverts every time you open the fake Showbox app. If you play any YouTube video from the fake app all you get is a YouTube trailer of the movie or show. The fake app looks exactly like an official Showbox app and looks like it will work great. But to get it you’ll have to jump through several hoops. You will have to sign up for a lot of services and other things you don’t need before it actually allows you to install the fake Showbox app.

If you download the Showbox-1 app, it actually loads up in a very convincing and credible way. But what you finally get is just an image. You can’t even click anywhere because the display is just a static image. The next thing you’ll see is a message telling you: “Due to excessive downloads, please verify you are not a bot to get access to the Showbox APK”. Then you will get the option to click OK. This is typical BS that spammy sites use. They trick you to sign up for services or download apps that you never really need. The owners of the fake apps get paid for every signup or download they generate through such spammy methods.

If you click OK, you’ll be directed to another browser. They will ask you to sign up for suspicious services or provide your email or mobile number. They use tricks like human verification and a lot of attractive offers such as Get £250 Morrisons Gift Card, Win £500 Groceries Voucher, £100 PlayStation voucher, and many other commercial quizzes and contests promising huge winnings. Keep in mind that once you click on any offer displayed on the page, you’ll have to provide personal details that you really don’t want strangers to know.

The Showbox 5.35 Version Does Not Exist!

A lot of people driven by curiosity are starting to search for “working” Showbox apps. They end up as victims of spammy sites designed to get your information. Most people are in fact searching for the non-existent 5.35 version which is where the problem is. There are many websites telling you that they can give you an update of Showbox that works. But the truth is that there is no 5.35 version. It doesn’t exist!


To get the official Showbox application, just search on your browser. Make sure the app you see is the latest 5.34 Android version. That is the official version by the time Showbox stopped working. When you install this official version, you’ll get the “connection error…check your internet connection” message.

When you search for working versions of Showbox on Google you’ll find sites claiming that there is a 5.35 version. But when you download and install the app, you’ll only get adware or sites trying to get your personal details for future marketing purposes. Don’t fall for such easy scams.

Let us know in the comments below if you came across any fake Showbox app before!

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