How to Acquire Bitcoins Anonymously

It doesn’t matter where you purchase Bitcoin from, it’s almost impossible to keep your cryptocurrency transactions fully anonymous. But with the use of crypto currencies you at least have the chance, unlike other methods of payment. In this article, we’re going to share some tips with you on how to acquire Bitcoins anonymously on the web. Or at least in the least invasive way possible. These tips should be used in conjunction with other methods. This include not sharing your GPS location and refraining from the use of phones with a SIM card. You should also try to obfuscate between identities with Bitcoin.

1. Buying Bitcoin in Person

There are certain Bitcoin meet-ups where you can buy and sell Bitcoin in person. This is facilitated by the Mycelium wallet which acts as a marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet. You can also search for Bitcoin traders at LocalBitcoins.

If you decide to actually trade Bitcoin with someone you meet from one of these platforms, make sure you meet them in a public place with free Wi-Fi. This could be a café or public library.

Don’t allow the other party to leave until the transaction has been confirmed. The only thing you need is your email address and it’s not necessary to bring your Bitcoin wallet to the meeting. All you have to do is input your email address into a Blockchain explorer such as Blockcypher.

Attention: Read before you continue

Governments and ISPs across the world monitor their users online activities. If found streaming or browsing content on your Fire TV Stick, mobile or PC, you could get into serious trouble.

Currently, the following information is visible: 

  • Your IP:
  • Your Country:
  • Your City:
  • Your ISP:

If this is your real information, you need to use a VPN to protect your identity.

We strongly recommend you to get a good VPN and hide your identity so that your online experience doesn’t take a bad turn.
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Here are the reasons why you must use a VPN all the time.

2. Buying Bitcoin from an ATM

Bitcoin ATMs are mostly found in a small number of countries. They’re not as widely available as regular ATM machines. To find out if there’s a Bitcoin ATM in your area, go to ATM Radar and specifically check out the “other services” box. It should be in the bottom-left corner of the page.

Bitcoin ATMs aren’t all made equal. Some might just ask you for your Bitcoin address and the cash. Others will take it a step further and ask for personal information like your passport number, phone number, and even your fingerprint!

For even better privacy and anonymity, wear a baseball cap and shades just in case the ATM has video surveillance.

3. Accepting Bitcoin as Payment or Donation

If you’re someone who spends Bitcoins regularly, then it only makes sense to start accepting them as a form of payment as well. Granted, other people might be able to see where the funds came from and track the transaction but they probably won’t see your end of the deal. A great way to completely secure your online Bitcoin transactions is to use a VPN such as IPVanish.

4. Mining Bitcoins

If you want to learn how to acquire Bitcoins in a simple manner with basic tools then Bitcoin mining is worth considering. All you need is electrical power, a stable Internet connection and a mining machine. Of course, you’ll need some upfront capital as well to start off with.

The most important tool you need once you’ve taken care of the essentials is a Bitcoin mining machine. You can purchase one with your credit card or buy it cash. Once you get it, simply plug it in and direct it towards a mining pool. The machine will do the rest.

It’s important to note that just like any other investment; Bitcoin mining doesn’t offer guaranteed results. You might win some and lose some.

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