How to Hide Files from Your FileLinked Store

If you need to share different file types such as photos, music, videos or APKs, you can use a special platform called FileLinked.

With FileLinked, you can be the user or uploader, or even both. You can use FileLinked on your Android device and Firestick.

If you want to share private files that you want to be accessed only by your family and friends then you can just upload them to FileLinked. You will get a unique code that you can give to the people you want to share the files with.
FileLinked is also very useful for YouTubers and bloggers that can share codes with their own audiences. It gives users the ability to install many applications at the same time.

But, what to do if you don’t want to share every file you have in your FileLinked store but at the same time, you don’t want to delete it? We got your back!

Let’s jump at this easy guide on how to hide a file without the need to delete it.

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How to Hide Files from Your FileLinked Store in a Very Fast Way

Before we start, we want to make sure you already have your own FileLinked store and here is a tutorial on how to create a FileLinked code and how to manage your favorite Filelinked codes.

Open your FileLinked store by just entering your personal unique code in the FileLinked App in your Android or Firestick. You now see that there are listed all the APK you have added.

In this tutorial, we are using an Android phone to do the process, but feel free to use your Firestick or Fire TV as well.

In this example, the MX Player APK is the APK that we decided to hide from the FileLinked store, but don’t forget you can hide any file you prefer.

apps on filelinked store

1. Open your browser and search for the FileLinked website (or just click

2. A list of your FileLinked configurations will appear. Click Manage Files.

manage files on filelinked

3. Click Edit in the file you want to hide. In this case, we click Edit at the “MX Player” file.

list of files from filelinked configuration

4. Slide the Active/Inactive toggle to enable the file to go from Active to Inactive status.
You can activate or deactivate the files every time you want by just enabling this toggle as your preference.

active file on filelinked store
set file inactive on filelinked store

You can see that the status is Inactive, so you won’t be able to see the file in your FileLinked store.

inactive file on Filelinked

5. Open the FileLinked App on your device and check that the file you just hide won’t appear in your FileLinked store.

filelinked store

Now you know how to hide a file from your FileLinked store so you can share your code with friends and audience without the need to delete any of your private files.

If you want to be safe when downloading files and using FileLinked, we recommend you use a VPN like IPVanish. This VPN service will protect you against all threats to your privacy online.

Let us know in the comments section if you have anything unclear regarding our tutorial!

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Callum Stanley
Callum Stanley
7 months ago

I tried this and worked for me. Thank you guys

free kodi info
free kodi info
7 months ago

i have colose to 700 apps why sometimes my filinked store doesnt apear or work i gave pople telling my filelinked is down how can this be fixed

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