How to Install Crunchyroll Kodi Addon in 2021

Crunchyroll is one of the most popular Kodi addons among anime lovers because it contains the largest collection of English translated anime from all over the web.

The great thing about Crunchyroll is that it allows you to cast the program onto your TV screen. This means you’ll be able to switch from watching on your tiny smartphone or tablet screen to a TV screen.

Is Crunchyroll on Amazon Fire Stick? Read on to find out how to install Crunchyroll Kodi addon and enjoy all of its fantastic features.

Problems Downloading or Installing Crunchyroll on Kodi?

While we’re on the topic of how to install Crunchyroll Kodi addon, it’s important to note that this addon was abruptly taken offline in June 2018.

The order to remove the Kodi Crunchyroll came straight from the addon itself and was sent to Yoshiofthewire, who is the main developer at Crunchyroll. The reason? Apparently, Crunchyroll on Amazon Fire TV looked at the repository files and saw unsanctioned copycat coding.

So Yoshiofthewire decided to take the high road and remove the addon for good. He then went on to Crunchyroll forums to explain-in length-the whole incident much to the disgruntlement of the users.

The good news is that Fire Stick Crunchyroll Kodi is still available thanks to various forks, many of which fully comply with copyright law.

The Crunchyroll Kodi addon is available for free and allows you to stream legal content on the go from any of your screens. This addon also gives you access to a Crunchyroll for Kodi subscription.

Attention: Read before you continue

Governments and ISPs across the world monitor their users online activities. If found streaming or browsing content on your Fire TV Stick, mobile or PC, you could get into serious trouble.

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How to Safely Stream Anime with Kodi

Before we share with you how to install Crunchyroll Kodi addon, it’s important to note that you should protect your media devices every time you go on the Internet to stream or download content.

That’s because your ISP might be watching and they might impose data throttling in order to restrict your activity. Then you have hackers who’re always crawling the web for an opportunity to implement man-in-the-middle attacks and other cyber threats.

The best way to protect yourself online is to install and use a VPN. IPVanish comes highly recommended for Kodi users because it gives you access to thousands of servers spread across over 100 regions around the world. Thanks to this feature alone, you can hide your online activity, location, and identity. Not only that, but IPVanish is the only VPN that we know about which comes with Amazon Fire Stick and FireTV support.

IPVanish will also protect you from geo-blocking so you can access any and all types of content, regardless of geo-restrictions.

How to Install Crunchyroll Kodi Addon

How to get Crunchyroll on Amazon Fire TV? You can find the Crunchyroll Kodi addon on the Kodi repository in the video section. 

1.The first thing you need to do is launch Kodi and launch it on your main screen.

launch kodi addons

2.Once you’re in the main menu, select the addons menu which should on the left-hand corner of your screen.

addons menu

3. Click on “Download” right at the bottom of the screen.

click download

4. Search through the list of addons and stop when you see “Video Addons.” Click on this button and then scroll through all the available addons until you find Crunchyroll Amazon Fire Stick. Hit the button to activate the installation screen.

video addons crunchyroll

5. On the lower right corner of your screen, you should see an “Install” button. Click on it.

install crunchyroll

6. You should see the Kodi video addon screen where you’ll find the Crunchyroll on Firestick icon.

crunchyroll checkmark

7. Once the download is finished, you should see a checkmark symbol

checkmark icon

Once installed, the Crunchyroll addon should appear on your main screen along with your other video addons.

How to Set Up the Crunchyroll Kodi Addon

crunchyroll installed

Now that you know how to install Crunchyroll Kodi addon, you’re ready to move onto setup so you can start using it.

First things first; go to the addons menu and launch the Crunchyroll addon.

1.An error message will come up on your screen. This is totally normal and shows that you haven’t yet entered the login credentials required for your Crunchyroll premium account.

error message

2. While the Crunchyroll app is still open, navigate to the left-hand side of the screen to view the context menu. From here you should be able to search for anime shows by name. However, you can do that later.

3. Now you need to select the addon settings menu icon. This will take you to the Crunchyroll settings screen.

addon settings

4. Next, enter your Crunchyroll premium account credentials, including your username and password.

How to Use the Crunchyroll Kodi Addon

crunchyroll interface

Once you’re finished with the installation and configuration process, you’re ready to start enjoying your favorite anime episodes courtesy of the Crunchyroll Kodi addon.

It’s worth noting that the default Crunchyroll menu window is long and everything is in this long list, which can be confusing at first. The downside to this is that you have to navigate back to the top of the page in order to load more pages or return to the main menu.

poster view

However, there is also a “poster view” option which you can access through the left-aligned context menu. You must do this for every screen you use which might be a bit of work if you watch Kodi on more than one screen. The film reel icon for the poster view menu could use some improvement though. 

As soon as you choose a show to watch, you’ll see all the latest episodes for that show. Click on your favorite one or start from the first episode. The choice is yours.

Older shows usually stream in SD while other series got an HD reboot which is nice. The Kodi player can handle most of the Crunchyroll controls except for subtitles which you’re not allowed to turn off. 


Well, there you have it! Now you know how to install Crunchyroll Kodi addon you can start enjoying some of your favorite shows. This addon is a must for anyone that’s an existing Crunchyroll premium subscriber. Of course, it’s not perfect as the interface could use some improvement but it’s the best way to watch your favorite anime shows straight from your TV.

Otherwise, this is an extremely responsible addon and it’s stable enough to handle the wide variety of content contained in the Crunchyroll repo.

Let us know in the comments down below what you think about the Crunchyroll addon!

The official addon repository for Kodi, which is already installed when downloading the app, gives users the ability to add wide a range of media (mainly music and videos) to their current library.

The video addons that come with the official Kodi repository are not only safe, but are legal too. This means you won’t have to worry about overstepping any legal or moral boundaries.

These particular addons can be used in order to stream or download various content, including movies, shows, and even live TV. All with the peace of mind knowing that you’re not infringing on any legalities.

So, how exactly can these addons be installed? Keep reading, and you’ll find out!

What Are These Official Kodi Addons?

Official Kodi addons are the ones that come already installed in the app itself, allowing users to engage in a range of media and content. Besides pre-installed addons, Kodi users are also able to add more addons to their library.

The addons contained within the official Kodi repository are not only safe in terms of the law, but are safe for your computer, and are malware and virus free.

How to Install Official Kodi Addons?

Setting up the official plugins is actually very simple.

Just follow the steps below and you’ll see just how to install the official Kodi addons:

1. Launch the Kodi app

2. Go to ‘Addons’.

3. Click on the package addon install icon, located in the top corner.

4. Select the ‘Install from Repository’ option.

5. Select the Kodi addon repository -> Video addons.

6. Click on the one you want to add -> Install.

7. Wait until the ‘Addon enabled’ notification pops up.

8. Go back to the home screen, then click on Addons -> Video addons.

9. Select the plug-in that’s just been installed

What Are the Best Official Kodi Addons?

official kodi addons

Here’s our selection of the very best addons. They are all available to install from the official Kodi repo.

  • iPlayer WWW
  • Plex
  • Zattoo Box
  • YouTube
  • NBC Sports
  • Fox Sports Go
  • ESPN
  • Crackle
  • PopcornFlix
  • PS Vue
  • NBA League Pass
  • TV
  • NFL GamePass
  • Crunchyroll
  • Rai on Demand
  • DR TV

What is the Best VPN for Kodi?

IPVanish VPN

There are various addons for Kodi that are restricted to certain geographical regions (such as Canada, the US, and the UK). In order to bypass this, and be able to access whichever Crunchyroll plugin you desire, you’ll need to hide or ‘spoof’ your location, by using a VPN.

VPNs are a great tool with various benefits, especially when it comes to Kodi, as they allow you to:

  • Access Location-Restricted Addons – Various Kodi addons are only available in certain regions. Taking advantage of a VPN can help you access them from anywhere.
  • Get Rid of ISP Throttling – ISPs (Internet Service Providers) often do what’s called ‘throttling’, which is slowing down their users’ speeds at busy times. By using a VPN you can avoid this and have super-fast speeds at all times.
  • Have Complete Privacy – Have an added element of privacy to all your browsing.
  • Install Them as Applications: VPNs are user-friendly and easy to use. They are available for PC, Mac, Firestick and more.

In terms of the very best VPN service, we would definitely recommend IPVanish. They have ultimate respect for their users’ privacy, as well as being user-friendly and simple to set up. They also run a no-logs policy, meaning they don’t sell or share any of your private data. IPVanish is a superb and reliable service which provides you with virtually unlimited access to content on the web.


Kodi’s official repository is the ultimate place for experienced and inexperienced users to get the best addons, allowing you to stream, download and experience the huge library of content that’s available online.

Although many people seem to avoid it through fear of crossing legal boundaries, the official addons are completely legal and safe. They’re regulated by Kodi themselves, and therefore adhere to all legal regulations and rules.

Learning how to install official Kodi addons is simple and straightforward. As long as you stay clear of from third-party or unofficial addons, you have absolutely nothing to worry about!

What addons do you use with Kodi? What content do you like to stream from the app? Drop a comment below to let us know!


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