How to Install FilmRise on Firestick and Other Devices

Want to learn how to install FilmRise on Firestick? You’ve come to the right place! In the following guide, we’re going to give you a detailed tutorial on how to do just that. Not only can you use this guide to install FilmRise on your Firestick, but it’s compatible with Android, Roku and other devices as well!

In case you’re wondering, Film Rise is one of the “rising” streaming platforms (see what we did there?) right now thanks to the COVID-19 quarantine. It offers a vast library of content with more than 20,000 movies and TV shows.

As we said, it’s compatible with a wide array of devices. This includes the Firestick from Amazon, Xbox and Roku. According to the company, their goal is to provide viewers with the best television and film content available. They will do this by using a well-thought strategy.

You can download FilmRise from the official app stores. Read on for our guide on how to install FilmRise on Firestick. This way, you can start enjoying all this great content!

What is FilmRise?

Headed by financier and producer trio Alan Klingenstein, Jack Fisher and Danny Fisher, FilmRise is yet another streaming platform to throw its hat into the ring of this rapidly growing industry.

To give you some background on the founders, Alan Klingenstein used to lead Filbert Steps Production while Jack and Danny Fisher founded City Lights media. This is a popular film and TV production company.

FilmRise was first named Fisher Klingenstein Films. The company started raising eyebrows when it acquired a number of television series, documentaries and feature films all at once for digital distribution, television syndication and theatrical release.

How to Install FilmRise on Firestick

In the following guide, we’ll share the easiest process you can take to install FilmRise on any Fire TV device.

You can also follow this guide when installing FilmRise into any other type of device or operating system. Just make sure to download it from your specific device’s online store.

1. Go to the home screen in your device

2. Click on the Search tab and enter FilmRise

FilmRise on Firestick

3. Select FilmRise

filmrise app on firestick

4. Hit Download.

Download FilmRise on Firestick

5. Give the installation process some time to do its thing.

6. Once complete, you should see a message that says Ready to Launch on the lower-right corner of your screen.

You’ve officially installed FilmRise onto your preferred device.

FilmRise home

If you’re using Roku, take a look at the following guide to install FilmRise onto Roku.

How to Install FilmRise on a Roku Device

1. Turn on your device.

2. Navigate to the bottom of the page and click on the Search tab.

3. Input “FilmRise”.

4. Hit FilmRise when it appears onto your screen

5. Add Channel

6. Hit OK when you see the following message.

7. Go back to the home screen of your Roku device

8. Navigate to the right-hand side of the screen to see the channel list

9. Navigate further down to find FilmRise.

10. Click on Move channel to get the favorite channel to the top

11. Using your remote control, hit OK to move FilmRise to your preferred spot on the screen.

12. Launch FilmRise.

13. There you go! You’ve officially installed FilmRise onto your Roku device.

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FilmRise History

FilmRise was founded by Alan Klingenstein, Jack Fisher and Danny Fisher as a film and TV distribution company. It functions as an app that offers a buffer-free viewing experience and a constant stream of content with minimal ads.

Should you want to activate the app’s subtitles, go to your favorite film or TV show episode. Open settings using any of the buttons and select “CC.”

Most of the links play in HD and 1080p HD such as acclaimed TV shows and films like RoseAnne, The Illusionist and Monster to name but a few.

According to the FilmRise website, the intention is to acquire a large number of exclusive titles to offer its viewers the best library of content. To this end, the company has raised capital of over $110 million. They’re using this to add even more shows and movies to their already impressive roster of different genres.

Content Acquisitions

FilmRise announced that it would be acquiring the DVD and U.S. digital distribution rights of the docu-series Years of Living Dangerously from Showtime in 2014.

This was one of many in its sweep of critically-acclaimed shows and movies that include the 1981 classic An American Werewolf in London, Grave Secrets, Deadly Blessing and Deals from the Darkside which is a SyFy series that says it all in the name. In 2013, FilmRise bought the DVD and digital release rights of a wide range of ‘80’s cult horror classic films. They also partnered on a distribution deal with Troma so they could access some of their classics as well.

FilmRise announced in 2015 that they would partner with Harlan Capital Partners on a cap raise of $25 million in order to acquire and license multiple TV and film titles for distribution. The company announced in 2017 that it had reached a cap raise of $50 million in partnership with Harlan Capital Partners LLC.

The company now has U.S. digital distribution rights for Hank and Asha (in the US only), and the Forensic Files TV show. Later that year, FilmRise went on to acquire Cate Blanchett’s Manifesto, and Jon Hamm’s Marjorie Prime.

The company also backed the theatrical release of The Vault, a film starring James Franco. This is in addition to acquiring films like Vengeance: A Love Story, series like Roseanne by Carsey-Werner, A Different World, Cybill, Grace Under Fire, Grounded for Life and 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Back in January 2019, it was announced that FilmRise had streaming rights from Warner Bros, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and ITV Studios.


Now that you know how to install FilmRise on Firestick, which of their shows and movies are you most excited to stream?

Whether you’re into comedy, animation, rom-coms, thrillers or horror, you’ll find what you’re looking for on FilmRise and can rest assured that the platform will continue to add onto its ever-expanding library of amazing content.

Have you tried our tutorial on how to install FilmRise on Firestick? Let us know in the comments section below!


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