How to Install Puffin TV Browser on Firestick

In this guide, we’ll show you how to install Puffin TV browser on Firestick. Both Amazon Firestick and Fire TV have emerged as the most popular streaming devices in the smart TV industry today. However, their web browsers actually leave a lot to be desired. The default Firestick browser is simply annoying, to say the least. The browsers are not even compatible with the device’s remote control in most cases.

In comparison to Amazon’s Silk browser and the popular Downloader Utility, Puffin TV Web Browser is years ahead in both technology and functionality. It allows you to surf the net from your Fire TV and Firestick like you’ve never done before. It also provides an easy way to sideload a wide range of useful apps to your Firestick or Fire TV.

Attention: Read before you continue

Governments and ISPs across the world monitor their users online activities. If found streaming or browsing content on your Fire TV Stick, mobile or PC, you could get into serious trouble.

Currently, the following information is visible: 

  • Your IP:
  • Your Country:
  • Your City:
  • Your ISP:

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Let’s look at where you can get the Puffin TV Browser and how to install it on your Firestick.

WebSafetyTips FileLinked App Store

FileLinked store

So where do you get this handy and easy to use web browser for your Firestick and Fire TV? Puffin TV browser is available at the WebSafetyTips FileLinked App Store. Best of all, you can easily install it from this App store via FileLinked.

A point to note here is that the WebSafetyTips FileLinked App Store is one of the most secure App Stores for a wide range of Firestick apps. The App Store is founded on the principle that just like mobile and Android TV devices improve their functionality and efficiency with the right apps, so does your Fire TV and Firestick. Apps improve productivity and add fun to your TV watching and Internet surfing experience. 

The App Store has put together a good number of security and productivity apps for Fire TV and Firestick. They can all be easily installed via FileLinked. At WebSafetyTips App Store you’ll find a wide range of applications designed to add value and productivity to your Firestick. All the apps are optimized for Firestick and can be used comfortably with either Fire TV or Firestick Controller. Besides the advantages you get from these apps in terms of security and performance, you’ll also like the fact that the usability of the FileLinked app is significantly improved. Installing the Puffin TV Browser from WebSafetyTips App store is quite easy if you can follow basic step-by-step instructions.

Installing Puffin TV Browser on Firestick

The installation process is quite simple. Just follow the steps described below:

Before you continue, you MUST enable apps from unknown sources on your Firestick. Make sure “Developer Options – Apps from Unknown Sources”  is ON in order to continue with the guide below.

1. Launch FileLinked on your Firestick.

2. Enter the WebSafetyTips FileLinked store code 11111111(eight ones).
WebSafetyTips store code on Filelinked
3. Search for “Puffin TV” and click on it.
Puffin TV app via WST store
4. Click on “Install.”
5. Tap on “Open” and Puffin Tv app will launch right away.
6. Play around to discover more about this browser. We searched via Google for WebSafetyTips web page and it was fast and very good interactive as well. You should try it yourself!


Finding out how to install Puffin TV Browser on Firestick is quite simple when you get it from WebSafetyTips FileLinked App Store. The store is regularly updated with other handy apps that you can use to improve the performance and security of your Fire TV. 
We also recommend you to use a VPN such as IPVanish to protect yourself from any possible malware or viruses when you browse or stream online on your Firestick.

Let us know in the comments section below if this guide was helpful to you! 


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