How to Track FileLinked Store Downloads with Bitly

Bitly is a very popular URL link shortener that you can use to track clicks, referrals and see from which countries you’re getting your clicks.
These short links are called bitlinks and are made possible by the Bitly website.

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to track FileLinked store downloads with Bitly. Take a look at the guide below!

How to Set up and Use Bitly with FileLinked

FileLinked lets you share apps and other media content with other users. It’s mostly used by YouTubers and bloggers who share FileLinked codes with their audience. This way, users can install several apps at once. But, how can you track FileLinked store downloads with Bitly?

Here are the steps you should take:

1. Open the official Bitly website:

2. Create a new account and click Sign up. If you already have an account with Bitly, go to Log in.
Sign up on Bitly

3. Choose the Free Plan and click on the Get Started for Free option. 

Bitly Get Started For Free Plan
4. You can choose to sign up directly with your Google account or you can use your email. Fill in the details for Username, Email Address, and Password.
Bitly Sign up with Google or Email
5. Feel free to choose one of the alternatives that the welcome message offers to you. You can also click outside the orange box to not answer the Bitly question.
Bitly welcome message
6. You need to confirm your Bitly account in the email you provided on step four.
confirm Bitly account via email
7. Open your email and click on the orange button “Confirm Email.”
Confirm Email for Bitly account

8. Open your FileLinked store in a new tab. Click on Manage Files to access your files. Choose the file you want to access Download URL from. Learn here how you can create FileLinked links with different cloud storage apps.

Mange Files FileLinked on wst store
9. In this case, we have chosen the Puffin TV link to demonstrate you as an example. Copy the Download URL (long URL) and go back to the Bitly tab again.
FileLinked Puffin TV download url
10. Create a new Bitlink and click on one of the two orange buttons – Create or Create Your First Link.
Bitly Create Your First Link
11. Paste the long URL you got from the Filelinked Puffin TV file on the template that will come out on your right side of the screen.
Bitly Paste long URL to Track your Filelinked Store Downloads
12. (Optimal) Customize your Bitlink URL by adding the last few characters at the Customize Back-Half box.
14. Hit SAVE.
Customize Bitlink URL Back-Half

The Bitlink has been created and edited successfully.

bitlink has been edited

15. Select Copy to copy your new link.

copy bitly bitlink

16. Go to the FileLinked app and replace the old long URL with the new short URL.

16. Important: Add ?.apk at the end of the bitlink to make sure it works with FileLinked.

Track your Filelinked Store Downloads with Bitly
17. Click Save to save your changes.
18. Monitor and manage your Bitlinks’ performance any time to track your FileLinked clicks, referrals and see from which countries you’re getting your clicks.
Track your Filelinked Store Downloads with Bitly Puffin TV
19. After a period of time your Bitly dashboard should look like in the photo below.
bitly statistics

Attention: Read before you continue

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How to Manage Your Bitly Bitlinks

All your Bitlinks go to your Bitlinks feed. The latest links stay at the top with the old links at the bottom. By tracking bitlinks, you will be able to see how much they are shared and clicked on. You can also see from which countries the clicks come from.

How to Check if a Bitlink is Safe

To check if you are clicking a safe bitlink, add “+” (plus) sign at the end of any bitlink, and you will be able to see its destination and some data, just like in the photo shown below.
Bitlink destination

Note: Keep in mind that “http://” links are different from “https://” links. However, links with “www.” are the same as the links without “www.”

Let us know in the comments below if you are considering to track FileLinked store downloads with Bitly! Do not hesitate to ask for any question you might have!

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Louie N
Louie N
5 months ago

I didn’t know I could do this, thanks for the article mate

Kyle Holden
Kyle Holden
5 months ago

The most detailed article ever read about this topic. I love the step by step screenshots as it makes everything easier. Keep up the good work, please!

Kind regards, Kyle

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