How to Uninstall Apps From Firestick in 2021

With Amazon Fire TV, you can install apps in the easiest way. However, when an app is not working properly, then you should uninstall and install it again. You may also need to uninstall unwanted apps when you don’t have enough memory in your device.

Whatever your reason is, in this tutorial, we will show you how to uninstall unwanted  apps from your Firestick and how to uninstall apps on Amazon Fire Stick.

Attention: Read before you continue

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Let’s jump right into the guide!

How to Uninstall Apps on Firesick

First method on how to uninstall an app on Firestick:

1. Launch your Firestick and search for “Settings” over the top menu.

2. Scroll on the right and click on “Applications.”

Firestick Applications on Settings
3. Go to “Manage Installed Applications.”
Firestick Manage Installed Applications

4. We took MX Player App as an example and uninstall it.

MX Player on Firestick Application
5. Click on “MX Player” App and go to “Uninstall.”

Note: Always clear data and cache before you start uninstalling apps. This way you will be able to get rid of all app data such as login credentials that have been stored in the app. On the other hand, when you clear the cache, all app’s temporary data will be erased. This is important because leftover temporary data can take up a huge amount of space in your device.

Uninstall MX Player

6. Confirm it and click again “Uninstall.” At this point, the App is uninstalled from your Firestick.

confirm uninstall apps

Second Method on how to remove apps on Firestick:

There is another method on how you can access all your already installed Apps.

1. Hold on the Home button on your remote controller for about 3-4 seconds and you will see 4 shortcuts like in the photo.
2. Click on “Apps.”
Apps on Firestick

3. Choose the App you want to uninstall. We randomly picked the “Puffin TV” app just to show you the process.

4. Tap the Menu button on your Firestick remote controller (the three horizontal lines) to access the Options.
Uninstall apps
5. Go to the last option “Uninstall” and click on it. Your app is now uninstalled successfully.
Uninstall an app on Firestick

6. The apps you download from Amazon Appstore and not from other sideloading apps will still remain in the cloud if you don’t remove them from it.
To do it, just click again on the menu button on your remote controller and go to “Remove from Cloud.” The Youtube App in this case will not appear under Apps on your Firestick anymore.

Remove from cloud

Let us know in the comments section down below if you managed to uninstall unwanted apps with the help of this in-depth guide!


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