How to Watch NHL Games for Free and Other Leagues

With so many people across the world staying indoors, due to the ongoing pandemic, our favorite stadiums and game courts have been deserted. There aren’t so many sports events holding for now.

Big leagues like the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and several more have been affected. What are their fans going to do? As it is important to keep boredom away and stay happy in trying times like this.

There’s some good news for you. With some great Internet connection over a Wi-Fi device, you can join in on the streaming services that several big leagues are now running.

In this article, we will show you how you can watch some of your favorite classics like the NHL games for free. The article covers basketball, hockey, baseball, and soccer games.

1. NHL

Hockey fans get to watch NHL games for free. NHL fans had been enjoying the latest season’s games this year before the virus came and shut things down. The finals which would take place in April 2020 won’t happen.

On the 12th of March, 2020, they suspended the games. Thanks to the great initiative, fans can watch some earlier iconic games from the convenience of their homes. These games will keep you from boredom.

You can also enjoy their new string of videos on social media. It’s usually tagged with; #HockeyAtHome. This series of videos captures moments from the daily lives of favorite hockey players in their respective homes. It is another attempt by the NHL to make your stay at home more interesting.

If you want to watch the NHL games for free, you need to create an account. After doing that, you can watch what you want, from their available list of latest league games, for free. There are also older league games on their YouTube channel – feel free to check them out. Enjoy breathtaking moments from previous games and catch up on the highlights that you missed before.

2. NBA

Just like fans of some other sports were enjoying their league games earlier this year, NBA fans were also enjoying the 2019/2020 season until they suspended it. This postponement was a result of one player getting infected with the coronavirus.

The teams had already gone a long way into the season and finals weren’t so far before the cancelation in March. Just like the provision of NHL games for free, including other big leagues, NBA fans haven’t been left out too. There are free NBA League Pass previews that are available for viewers till the 22nd of April.

The games made available would suffice to keep you entertained and engaged during this “stay at home” period. Enjoy your favorite moments as you watch the 2019/2020 games from earlier this year. There are summarized videos that offer you a view of the most exciting moments.

To enjoy these beautiful packages, you need to install the app or link the videos through the NBA’s website. Lastly, there are also spotlight moments from earlier game seasons on YouTube. Subscribe to the official NBA channel for these nostalgic moments.

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3. MLB

A lot of baseball fans would normally go out to fill up stadiums during the month of April. This is because baseball seasons start this month – but unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic won’t allow anyone to go out to watch live games. The good news is; a solution has been provided to solve the problem of potential boredom.

Some of our favorite baseball leagues are giving fans an avenue to stream classics from the comfort of their houses. These classics include baseball games from the last two years, and they can be streamed via MLB.TV. The large number of games available on MLB.TV will take you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. You get to relive some of your most inspiring moments, wins, and losses.

Remember when the Cubs stunned us with a complete victory in all their 2016 games? You can get even more amazing games and iconic moments, from more than the past two years, on MLB Vault on YouTube. Do not hesitate to check out this great page on the Tube – it offers you a view of as much as 100 games. You’ll definitely kill boredom with these.  

Go subscribe to the MLB YouTube channel if you’re a baseball fan. Enjoy as many games as you want, maybe with other fans in the family, and wait for more games to be dropped.

4. NFL

Last in this article are the NFL games. Unlike some of the other league games that already kicked off earlier this year, the NFL games usually start later.

Regardless of this, this pandemic has affected them as well. Usually, drafting begins by the 23rd of April. But plans have been shaken and the final decisions on what to do remain unclear.

Just like the other leagues mentioned in this article, NFL fans would also be getting some free online action. With the NFL Game Pass, viewers will have access to games from as far back as 2009 to the latest league. Amazing, is it not? The games are available at full length with rewind features. You cannot miss out on iconic moments with this free gift.

You can also check out their content on YouTube. It features great games and the possibility for more being added.


With all this said, you can now seat back and enjoy your favorite league games like the NHL games for free. Whichever one of these leagues, in our article, that interests you, has made plans for your entertainment during this pandemic.

Catch up on games that you might have missed in the past, and take a nostalgic trip down memory lane. There’s a lot for you to watch – especially on league sites that offer games from way back. The NHL has provided content for active social media users.

This content is a string of videos tagged with “#HockeyAtHome”. So, get your device ready and stream these amazing games from the comfort of your home.

If you have any questions, or remarks, please feel free to leave a comment for us in the section below.


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