Is 9Anime Kodi Addon Safe? Best Alternatives

Is 9Anime Kodi addon safe? This is a question that many users have been asking, especially those who enjoy watching anime. However, recent events suggest that it might be unsafe to use this particular Kodi addon.

For one thing, this addon doesn’t work anymore. According to users, it doesn’t really stream content properly either. Plus, users have long known that 9Anime doesn’t necessarily walk the straight line when it comes to providing legal content.

This poses a significant security risk for Kodi users, especially those who’re committed to watching non-pirated and legal content.

In the following article, we’re going to answer the question; is 9anime Kodi addon safe? We’ll also provide some insight into the risks involved and the alternatives you have at your disposal.

What is the 9Anime Kodi Addon?

9Anime is one of the most popular unofficial streaming websites and it’s known for providing users with pirated anime streams. That’s why Kodi has separated itself from this addon.

This is because the 9Anime Kodi addon basically operates by collecting content from various sharing and free storage platforms. This includes OpenLoad, MyCloud, RapidVideo, and G4.

These platforms allow just about anyone to post content and make it freely available for anyone to watch through the 9Anime addon. Other videos come from third-party websites while others are uploaded by anime fans looking to share their own collections.

9Anime addon is particularly popular among anime fans because of its vast library of relevant content.

9Anime Kodi Addon Issues

anime addons

The 9Anime addon comes with a lot of privacy and security risks. These may not be worth the experience of watching content through it. For one thing, it has an anonymous developer known only by the moniker, “DxCx.” No one knows who this coder is and they don’t even have an online presence.

Currently, there are no malware and other security risk reports. But there’s no telling what future updates could entail. This addon could very well feature malicious code in the future. You’d never even know about it because its updates come directly from Kodi.

You must also consider the fact that 9Anime is part of a Github page which recently experienced a hostile takeover by a malicious developer/imposter. The problem with Github is that it doesn’t delete the credentials of old users. So new users can use these old accounts for illegal purposes.

So, even if the 9Anime developer doesn’t insert malicious code into the addon by themselves, there’s always a possibility that someone might take over a deleted account.

Remember that this DxCx character is unknown and has no social media presence so this poses a significant security and privacy risk.

Not only that, but you must also consider the ethical and legal ramifications of using the 9Anime addon and its sketchy past. A lot of the content offered by this addon comes from unauthorized platforms that offer illegal streams. That’s why our answer to the question; is 9anime Kodi addon safe, is no.

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Best 9Anime Alternatives

The good news is there are plenty of alternatives to 9Anime that are available for free.

1. Viewster

viewster addon

Viewster is very similar to Tubi TV in that it offers free TV shows and movies for your viewing pleasure. There are over 30 titles to choose from, including Key: The Metal Idol, Galaxy Express 999, and Fist of the North Star, to name but a few. You don’t need to register on the site in order to watch their shows.

2. Crackle

crackle addon

Crackle is a streaming site that’s available for free and there’s no registration required. It mostly offers 9Anime series and movies like Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, Sword Art Online and Cromartie High School.

3. Tubi TV

Tubi TV addon

Tubi TV offers free video streaming with a massive library of content that includes diverse options as anime, movies and TV shows.

In fact, there are over 150 anime titles on Tubi TV including fan favorites like Attack on Titan, Death Note, Fairy Tale and Full Metal Panic. You can watch all of this content and more through the Tubi TV website and there’s no registration required.

While Tubi TV gets its revenue from ads and commercials, Kodi users don’t have to worry about sitting through ads because they’re blocked on Kodi. That’s why Tubi TV is the ideal way to stream movies, series and anime shows.

Plus, Tubi TV is available from Kodi’s official repository, which means it’s legit.

4. FUNimation Now

Fumination Now addon

This particular addon has one of the largest directories of English-dubbed anime in all of North America. Users have to register on the site in order to access this vast library. There’s a $5.99 monthly subscription cost involved.

You’re spoilt for choice with over 450 titles to choose from including the best anime titles like the Dragon Ball Z universe, Cowboy Bebop, One Piece and Attack on Titan, to name but a few. The best part is that everything you watch is in high definition and you’ll get access to newly released episodes every week.


While the 9Anime addon is one of the most popular on Kodi’s repository, it’s not the safest or the most reliable. It offers a lot of free anime titles, most of which are updated regularly.

But, is 9Anime Kodi addon safe to use? Unfortunately, not. There are many legal and ethical issues surrounding this addon so it’s really not worth your time if you don’t like the idea of watching pirated content or stealing copyrighted content from its rightful owners.

Besides, there are plenty of free Kodi addons that you can use instead, which offer pretty much the same level of service without any security, legal, and ethical risks.

We highly recommend you use a quality VPN service such as IPVanish so you can protect your activity and privacy when using Kodi addons.

Let us know in the comments down below what you think about 9Anime!

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