Is Apollo TV Safe to Use? Best Alternatives

There’s no denying that third-party Kodi add-ons are here to stay. But, for cord-cutters looking to access premium video entertainment for free, it makes sense to use standalone apps such as Apollo TV that are specifically created to iOS and Android devices. But is Apollo TV safe?

The great thing about these tools is the fact that they function similarly to Showbox or Popcorn Time. Yet, you can easily use them on your phone, tablet and set-top boxes. One of the caveats is the fact that they’re a threat to content creators and Hollywood studio execs. These are the people that are always looking for ways to shut down any potential risks to their bottom line.

Nevertheless, Apollo TV decided to join the party to much fanfare. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. It has garnered a cult following in a very short amount of time.

But, is Apollo TV safe? Well, despite its popularity, the future looks rather grim for Apollo TV and there’s a possibility of it shutting down.

Apparently, copyright holders are targeting the owner of Apollo TV and forcing the app to shut down. But, there are also rumors which suggest that the developer wants out anyway and basically called the po-po on himself.

Why Did They Close Apollo TV?

Following an official cease and desist order from the ACE anti-piracy coalition, the founder of Apollo TV had to shut down an app that’s incredibly popular and was showing promise due to copyright issues.

The app developer was forced to completely remove the website immediately after the notice was delivered. So far, there’s no indication that the app will return to its former state.

According to the founder, the cease and desist he received was from the Alliance 4 Creativity or ACE. This is the same organization that destroyed Streamango and Openload under the same charges; hosting and providing copyrighted works without the copyright holder’s permission.

Now, it’s hard to argue with any of these charges when you look at the prevailing circumstances. After all, it’s not like Apollo TV was providing original content. The platform mainly hosted content from third-party platforms which is just what other similar applications do.

It’s worth noting that the founder of Apollo TV never tried to hide his identity. So it wasn’t so hard for ACE to find him. But, while his email address was easily accessible, ACE used his home address to serve him with the cease and desist order directly and in person.

What Will the Owner Do?

When asked about his reaction to this phenomenon, Sam said that he was quite surprised to receive the order physically. This is because he never thought that an organization like ACE could access and actually use his home address.

Because he doesn’t have the resources or time to fight ACE’s lawsuit, Sam plans to cooperate with the requirements of the order effective immediately. He has no desire to expand on the status of the case. But has revealed some details about the settlement as a whole. For instance, according to the settlement, he has to immediately transfer the Apollo domain to ACE and cancel the Github page for Apollo TV.

With all that said, the question remains, is Apollo TV safe to use? Well, at the moment, Apollo TV’s official Github repository is no more. That means it has officially been removed. This is in compliance with takedown requests from DMCA which were executed by either the ACE or the MPA – both of which stand to gain from an Apollo TV takedown. Regardless, Sam seems more than happy to concur with the requirements of the takedown and has offered no resistance to the court order.

According to the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), the organization contacted Sam on suspicion of their involvement in a large-scale illegal video streaming application. This included the operation, development, and distribution of copyrighted content.

According to ACE records, the individual in question was based in the United Kingdom and was seen as a threat to the organization’s efforts to reduce piracy while legally protecting content creators.

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Best Apollo TV Alternatives

Looking for reliable alternatives to Apollo TV that’ll help to keep you company during and beyond self-quarantine? Check out the following options. We personally vouch for them!

1. Netflix


When it comes to online streaming, Netflix is the biggest player. It’s probably the gateway to online streaming for most people, and where most of us go to find premium content. This includes original shows like Grace and Frankie and BoJack Horseman, to classics like Sex and the City.

The best thing about Netflix is that they don’t charge an exorbitant monthly fee like most of their competitors and they’ve managed to maintain competitive rates despite providing a variety of great options. You can watch films, series and TV shows on Netflix using any of your devices. This includes your TV, smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Plus, you can always start out with a trial version of the app if you’re not sure about signing up. For a month, you’ll be able to watch as many shows as you like while you figure out if it’s your cup of tea.

2. YouTube


YouTube has come a long way since its “cat video” days and “skateboard riding dog” days. It’s a high-quality streaming platform with an incredible range of content options for kids and adults. The platform offers content of all genres, from professional and amateur creators alike.

YouTube also has a paid option now, called YouTube Red, where users can enjoy content without the pesky ads that come with the free version of the platform. But, even a free YouTube account can be a pleasant place if you can get past the ads.

3. Hulu

websafety hulu preview

Hulu was launched on the heels of Netflix and has always been seen as a “copycat” of sorts as a result. This platform has many similarities to Netflix, such as a reasonable monthly subscription. But, over the years Hulu has managed to build a reputation away from its comparison to Netflix.

The platform has its own slew of successful original shows and a wide variety of genres and range of entertainment. They literally promise to offer something for each member of the family and like Netflix, they deliver.

Being a legal streaming platform, Hulu users can enjoy premium quality content without worrying about copyright infringements, and it’s a safe place to watch really good movies, shows, and series.


Is Apollo TV safe? Most certainly not, and it might not even be available considering the fact that the founder has been forced to completely shut down the platform effective immediately. If you need some entertainment during self-quarantine, be sure to check out the free and paid alternatives mentioned above instead.

Now that your question of is Apollo TV safe to use has been answered, which online streaming platforms do you plan to use? Let us know in the comments section below!

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