Is Bubbles Kodi Addon Safe? Best Alternatives

After the Fusion repository went offline, many popular TV addons for Kodi suddenly became inaccessible. This caused users to search for addons available elsewhere.

Kodi Bubbles is a popular alternative to Fusion-hosted addons, as it gives users access to a wide range of different media. This includes sports, movies, and much, much more. The reason Bubbles is popular mainly stems from its unorthodox approach to providing content. Its main focus is to provide users with unauthorized content streaming.

Not only this, but Bubbles isn’t as simple to set up as other addons are. And that’s why we’ll be guiding you through what exactly ‘Bubbles’ does as an addon.

But is Bubbles Kodi addon safe? We will give you a clearer understanding as to why there are particular privacy concerns with it. Also, we’ll cover the privacy issues with all Kodi addons and discuss some safe and legitimate alternatives.

Copyright laws are often amongst the most complicated rules that exist. Different territories have different requirements and rules about what is considered legal. So, it’s important to keep up-to-date on what’s legal within your place of residence.

By understanding these relevant laws, as well as how Kodi addons work, you’ll minimize any risks or issues that may come with streaming media from Kodi.

What is the Bubbles Addon?

bubbles addon

As a third-party addon for Kodi, Bubbles provides access to various ranges of media content for streaming. It essentially searches for links to TV shows, movies and more, across a range of different websites. Then it provides them to the user which makes us question is Bubbles Kodi addon safe?

One of the main downsides of Bubbles is that absolutely none of its providers source their media legally. Bubbles might not technically be doing anything lawfully wrong because it finds this content from different sources rather than hosting the content itself. But Bubbles’ developers made a deliberate choice to include only illegitimate and illegal sources for their media. So, there’s a high chance that the content is pirated and, in ways, not safe.

And despite the categorized content, there’s no way of searching for legal or copyright-free content. Although there are a few titles available that are legal to stream or download, these aren’t labeled or defined as such. So, it’s the user’s choice to find this type of content.

As for the monetary side of things, Bubbles has a heavy reliance on paying content providers like Real Debrid or Usenet Services. These allow users to pay money in order to access a higher quality of streams. Despite the streaming of copyrighted content free-of-charge being legally questionable in many cases, allowing users to pay money in order to access this is definitely illegal.

So, is Bubbles Kodi addon safe? No, and because of this, we’re unable to recommend that users of Kodi stream from, or even install, Bubbles.

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Best Bubbles Addon Alternatives

Having said this, there are a few alternatives for people who actually want to watch or stream movies or TV. All this without crossing legal boundaries and remaining safe online. Although it would seem unlikely with Kodi, especially due to the negative attention in the press recently, there are a few addons that provide completely legitimate streaming content.

We’ve taken the time to list our picks of the best of them below, showing you the best media addons available for Kodi users.

1. FilmOn.TV

filmon addon

FilmOn.TV is a website and Kodi addon that gives users access to live TV broadcasts from all over the world. It offers a selection (though somewhat limited) of pre-recorded media, for those who want to do more than just switch channels. Although this used to be free, FilmOn.TV has recently launched a subscription service. But it’s pretty much inexpensive for the content it provides, and the categories that there are available.

2. YouTube

youtube addon

Although YouTube is something everyone has heard of, many people don’t realize just the amount of content there is available on the site. And now there’s a Kodi addon. Most of the content available is pre-recorded stuff. But there’s been a significant increase in the number of live videos the site hosts too. Some channels even do live streaming non-stop.

Because users create their own YouTube content, it’s unlikely that you’ll find copyrighted material. And not only that, but one of the most appealing things about this addon, in particular, is the wide range of things available to watch. The content covers nearly every genre you can think of. And to top it off, even though all of YouTube’s content is completely legal to stream, the amount of content available makes Bubbles’ content library look tiny.

These are just a few of the reasons why YouTube is a much better streaming service than Bubbles. And with the added ability to rent and buy movies too (despite it being at a small cost), the best and safest choice is clear.

3. USTVNow

ustv now addon

USTVNow is another Kodi addon that gives users the ability to stream live American TV shows from anywhere worldwide, as well as rent movies too. Despite being a subscription service, after you create an account, you have access to a free-to-watch tier. This one offers 7 channels, giving you the option to stay with the free service or upgrade if you want more.

One of USTVNow’s main downsides is that it requires any user to be a US citizen or resident in order to gain access to it. Having said this, there’s no real verification process, meaning you can actually use the service wherever you are.


So, is Bubbles Kodi addon safe? There’s no doubt that Bubbles hosts a decent-sized library of media content. But with the majority of it being pirated and/or illegal, there are complications and risks involved.

Not only that, but being a third-party addon increases the risk and vulnerability to hacking and information breaches. Even if this didn’t happen, there’s no real way of knowing what the addon does with your personal data and information either. This can leave users extremely vulnerable, and your information in not-so-safe hands.

The fact that the majority of what Bubbles has to offer is available legally (even if for a small price), it might seem best to steer clear. You should pick a different method of accessing the content you want.

We highly recommend you use a VPN like IPVanish if you want to test different Kodi addons. This way, you will be able to protect your privacy and online activity.

Let us know in the comments section if you have ever tried Bubbles addon and how it worked out for you!

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