Is SALTS Kodi Addon Safe? Best Alternatives

In terms of free-to-use media players, Kodi is definitely one of the more versatile ones. This is because its high customization options, and how easy it is to configure. Users are able to add various plugins to this player, allowing them to stream a huge amount of content.

Having said that, there’s somewhat of a competition going between legitimate addons that focus on legal content, vs third-party addons that host a large amount of pirated or copyrighted content.

SALTS, for example, appeals to Kodi users who are looking to access TV shows and movies. However, most of the content available on SALTS is unauthorized, and therefore not always safe to stream. In certain territories, such as Canada and the US, legalities can be confusing or conflicting. This makes streaming content from unauthorized providers quite a risk to the user. That’s why it’s important to know how addons such as SALTS work.

So is SALTS Kodi addon safe? Keep reading to find out whether this addon is worth using, and if more suitable alternatives are available.

Please note, we don’t encourage copyright violation or the streaming of restricted materials through Kodi, or any other streaming platform. We encourage users to stream only legal content available through Kodi. And we advise readers to consider the risks and implications of streaming copyrighted material without permission.

What is the SALTS Addon?

salts kodi addon

SALTS is a movie and TV streaming addon that works by sourcing various movies and TV shows from a range of different websites. Once it manages to find the content listed within its menu, it allows Kodi users to stream it directly from a site of their choice.

So, the SALTS addon doesn’t actually host any content of its own. Instead, it sources it from a number of pirating sites. This is similar to other Kodi addons, as it uses code to find working streams.

Because of where SALTS sources its content from, nearly all of the content is pirated and copyrighted. Just a few of its sources actually provide legal-to-stream content.

But is SALTS Kodi addon safe? Because of the huge amount of illegal sources SALTS has, versus legal and legitimate ones, we can’t recommend that users of Kodi use, or even install, SALTS.

We could instead encourage those who are considering SALTS to check out some of the safer alternatives listed below.

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Best SALTS Alternatives

Due to its popularity, many of Kodi’s users already use SALTS for streaming pirated content. So, should you consider doing the same in order to access all the media it offers? The short answer from us is no.

Instead, we recommend checking out similar addons that work as great alternatives. They provide content that’s not only legal but of a much higher quality.

1. BBC iPlayer

bbc iplayer addon

BBC’s iPlayer offers a huge library of on-demand media, which includes various well-known TV shows and movies. If you’re a UK resident with an up-to-date TV license, you can access iPlayer directly through Kodi. This means you can download the addon from the official repository.

The most appealing part about accessing through Kodi specifically is that you gain access to the highest quality of streaming available. Not only this but by using a VPN to mask your location, as a UK resident traveling in a different country, you’re still able to access the iPlayer and all of its content. This is because the website simply asks if you hold a valid license.

So, if you do have one, as well as your account information, you’ll be able to log in.

2. USTVNow

ustvnow addon

USTVNow is a Kodi addon that provides both live streams and pre-recorded content on demand. It’s a legitimate addon that you can access from the official Kodi addon repository. For those who aren’t sure, XBMC has an official list of both the official and unofficial Kodi addons. You’ll locate SALTS on the unofficial list, whereas you’ll definitely find USTVNow on the official list.

At its core, USTVNow started as a streaming service to provide US overseas workers and military a connection to US TV and media. But nowadays, as there’s no real verification process to check your location, pretty much anyone is able to sign up and stream whatever content is available.

Despite the addon being free, by using it you’ll still be able to access regular OTA channels. This includes FOX, CBS, and NBC. If you’re willing to pay $19 per month, you will get access to over 25 channels, as well as a DVR option too. USTVNow even allows users to rent content, making it a great option compared to streaming with SALTS.

Is it all legal? Well, as of publishing this, yes. There haven’t been legal disputes against USTVNow. This means it’s safe to access its content.


Because of its popularity, it’s important for users to understand what using the SALTS addon may entail. But in short, it’s a streaming service that provides most of its content from pirated and copyrighted sources. So, when using it, you take on the associated risks that come with this.

Is SALTS Kodi addon safe and legal to use? Although some of the content available on SALTS is of public domain, meaning it’s not technically copyrighted, this content isn’t labeled as such. It’s also difficult to find through the addon. The vast majority is illegal to stream.

In terms of whether using such a service is safe, it’s been known in the past that other unofficial addons like Exodus for example, have been taken over by their very creators. They were then used to infect users’ systems with malware.

Not only this, but other groups outside of their own creators can take over addons like SALTS. They are then able to hack into the addon and spy on users’ computers, as well as partake in other illegal and dangerous online activities.

This kind of hacking has happened before and, to some, is easy to do.

Always use a VPN like IPVanish when using Kodi addons and let us know in the comments down below what is your favorite addon!

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