Kodi 18.7 Fastest Install for the Amazon Firestick

If you are an Amazon Firestick user then you definitely know how handy Kodi can be. It helps you to open up a world of free multimedia content that may be restricted in your geographic region or available at exorbitant prices. With Kodi on your device, you can watch free TV shows, movies, sports, live channels, and even Pay Per View events. The latest Kodi version is the 18.7 Kodi Leia, which happens to be the most stable current release of the app. In this article I’ll show you a step by step process of the fastest Kodi 18.7 Install on Firestick.   

Fastest Kodi 18.7 Install on Firestick

Kodi 18.7 has officially been launched so read on to find out how you can pick up the fastest Kodi 18.7 install on Firestick. 

The first thing you do to get this latest Kodi update is to scroll up to the Home screen, then scroll all the way left to Settings. Highlight My Fire TV in yellow and click it.

my fire tv on settings

Navigate to the the Developer Options just below About.

developer options on my fire tv

Click on Developers Option and turn on ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources if they are already OFF.

apps from unknown sources

Get the Downloader App

For the fastest Kodi 18.7 install on Firestick, you’ll need a good downloader app. You can proceed to the next paragraph below if you already have the Downloader app , but if you don’t, here are the steps you need to take:

To get the Downloader app, scroll once to the right of the Home menu and click on the universal search icon – that little magnifying glass.

Once you click on the search icon, a simple keyboard will automatically open. Type in DOWNLOADER or simply type in D or DO and select the suggestion which is  Downloader. 

download Downloader App
Highlight and click Downloader and you should get it as the first orange colored option with a big white arrow pointing down on a white line.
downloader app

Click on the Downloader  app and if all your Amazon credentials are correct, you’ll get the option to Get It but if you already have one in your Firestick you’ll be told that “You Own It.” 

downloader app owned

The downloader is completely free so no worries about paying for it. When you click Get It, the Downloader app will be queued, downloaded, and installed on your Firestick device. If you have fast internet, the process will only take a few moments. Once it is installed you can move it to the home screen for quick and easy access.

downader app downloading
open downloader

How to Move  Downloader to the Front and Activate It

From the Home screen, scroll down to “Your Apps & Channels” then click and hold down the Amazon Home screen button on your remote for around 5 seconds and you’ll get a screen showing time, Settings, Apps, and a few other things. 

Apps on Firestick

Select and click Apps, check the last thing you downloaded at the bottom which is Downloader, highlight the app, click the three dashes on the options button of your remote and you’ll get the options to Move to front, More info, and Uninstall. 

move downloader app to front
Just select and click “Move to front” and you’ll instantly bring the Downloader icon to the front of your main menu of Apps & Channels.
downloader on front

Hit the Amazon home screen again, highlight and click Downloader and the first pop-up you’ll be presented with will ask you “Allow Downloader to access photos, media, and files on your device?” You must click the allow option to use the downloader so go ahead and give the downloader access to your content. 

allow downloader to access media

If you are using the latest version of Downloader, you should get the prompt. Once you click allow, you’ll get the Quick Start Guide, which you can read if you want to but just click the OK button at the bottom of the guide.

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Download and Install Kodi 18.7 Leia

You’ll then be taken to a page that asks you to enter the URL of the website that you want to download a file from. Just leave the http:// as it is and click it once and you’ll be presented with a keyboard to type the URL in. The Kodi version you want to download will depend on the device you are using. For instance if you are using Amazon Firestick, you’ll download and install the 32-bit version of Kodi 18.7 but if you are using a higher-end and more powerful device such as NVIDIA Shield and Android Box you will need the 64-bit version of Kodi 18.7. So depending on your device, you can enter one of the links below in the Downloader to get the appropriate 18.7 version:

  • For the 32-bit version enter: https://bit.ly/kodi18732
Kodi 18.7 Fastest Install for the Amazon Firestick 32 bit
  • For the 64-bit version enter https://bit.ly/kodi18764
Kodi 18.7 Fastest Install for the Amazon Firestick 64 bit

Once you’ve confirmed that you have typed the link properly, just click the “GO” option and it will automatically start downloading. The file is only 63.8MBs and should download pretty fast. 

Kodi 18.7 Fastest Install for the Amazon Firestick

After the file downloads, it will automatically go to the install menu. Scroll to Install and click it to install the file. 

Kodi 18.7 Fastest Install for the Firestick
Click on Done after the file has been installed on your device.
done kodi 18.7

After installation, you don’t need the installation files anymore so to save space, click on delete in the next prompt. Delete the installation files and go back to the Amazon Home screen.

delete kodi files for the Fastest Kodi 18.7 Install on Firestick

How to access Kodi 18.7 Leia on Firestick

Scroll down to highlight your Apps & Channels menu. When you get there, click and hold your remote’s home screen button for two to five seconds, select Apps in the options that open up, and you’ll see the last thing that you downloaded at the bottom, which will be the Kodi 18.7. Highlight and click the 18.7 and choose the Move to Home option to move the 18.7 to the beginning of Your Apps & Channels screen. It will also be the first item you see when you scroll down the home screen to Your Apps & Channel.
move kodi to front

Click on the Kodi 18.7 icon to open it and let everything load in. This is going to be the default version of your 18.7 Kodi Leia. 

Click on “Allow” in order to allow Kodi to access photos, media and files on your device.

allow kodi
Tap on “Continue” in the next prompt.
info kodi access
Now you can access the Kodi 18.7 interface, which should look like in the photo below.
Fastest Kodi 18.7 Install on Firestick

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The 18.7 Kodi Leia gives you a more convenient way to enjoy endless content on your Firestick or Fire TV device. You can use the steps above for the fastest Kodi 18.7 Install on Firestick in an easy and convenient way. 

Drop us a comment down below if you managed to install Kodi 18.7 on Firestick by following the steps we showed earlier in this article! If you have any question, we would be more than happy to help you.

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