How to Manage your Favorite FileLinked Codes

FileLinked is one of the best 3rd party App Stores for Android but also offers an unique set of features. It is also a file downloader app that you can manage your favorite codes / stores over different devices. It gives Bloggers and Youtubers the option for sharing their favorite/recommended codes with their audience and gives the consumer the possibility to install several apps at the same time. You can also share all kinds of files using FileLinked such as photos, videos, APKs etc with FileLinked codes. This way you or your audience don’t need to type long URLs anymore.

This new FileLinked Code sharing feature is widely usable. Users can create codes which point to stores/codes from other people. Using FileLinked this way you don’t maintain your own files. You maintain a list of your favorite stores which are themselves maintained by someone else. There are plenty available that will offer you everything you need.

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Let’s go and jump on the guide!

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Manage your Favorite FileLinked Codes:

Here are the steps you should follow in order to create and manage your FileLinked codes:

1. Open the web browser of your device and enter the URL:

2. Click “Create Code”. Here is a more detailed guide of how to create a FileLinked code.

create code for filelinked

3. Creating an account is very easy, as it only ask you for “Name”, “E-mail Address” and “Password”. Click “Sign up” and provide all the information needed.
If you already have a FileLinked account, click “Login.

login on filelinked account

4. Click “Create a new configuration.

create new configuration on filelinked

5. Enter a name and description (optional) for your Code (this will be displayed to you or your users when the FileLinked Code is entered in the Android app). In this example we use “Our best recommended FileLinked Codes” for the configuration name. Make sure to set “YOUR BOOKMARK LIST” to “Active” by clicking on the slider.

active bookmark list

6. Click “Save.

7. To receive a valid FileLinked Code you need to add at least one file. In this example we use “MX Player“, but it can be any.

add files on filelinked store

8. We will need to fill out some fields. In this example we will add the  MX Player app to our store/configuration. 

  • File name: MX Player APK 
  • Description (optional):  The best Fire TV Stick Utility App Stores
  • Download URL: 
  • Logo URL (optional): Leave this blank
download url on filelinked

9. Click “Save”.

10. Now the configuration (the FileLinked Store) is created and you need to remember your FileLinked Code (8-digit unique numeric code) as we will need it later.

your code on filelinked

11. Click on “Your Boomarks: 0/50.

12. Click on “Add new Bookmark.”

add new bookmark on filelinked

13. We suggest you to enter 11111111 (eight ones) for the WebSafetyTips FileLinked App Store. But, feel free to enter any other code you prefer.

Enter 99999999 (eight nines) for the tech doctor FileLinked store which is also full of useful utilities.

Enter 68007043 for some relaxing videos. Go check them out by yourself!

favorite codes on filelinked

14. You have successfully added 3 bookmarks to your configuration. You can add up to 50 bookmarks to each configuration. Time to go to the FileLinked app on your phone and enter the code you received in step 10.

15. A pop up will appear. Click ”Import Shared Codes & Continue.

import shared codes from filelinked store

16. Import them and then go back in FileLinked and click on “My Codes.” There you will find your shared codes.

codes on filelinked
17. Now you know how to manage your favorite FileLinked codes over different devices and you can even share them with everyone.

Our recommendation would be to use our own WebSafetyTips FileLinked App Store. It helps you load up your Firestick with useful tools to keep it running smooth and fast.

Also, make sure to subscribe to a quality VPN service like IPVanish when streaming content so you can protect your privacy online.

Also please don’t forget to leave a comment below and let us know if this tutorial helped you!

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Vera Hanlon
Vera Hanlon
1 year ago

i cannot get filelinked to work on my firestick anymore. Uninstalled and reinstalled, but no luck, just keeps going with the green line across it. Someone said filelinked was closed down, is this true?

1 year ago
Reply to  Vera Hanlon

thats not true. filelinked is up and running

Darrius Granville
Darrius Granville
1 year ago

Do we get paid for this ? An mine works fine

1 year ago

no it is free

1 year ago

Could you tell me why am I getting a grey out square with an exclamation point on some apk stores.

1 year ago

My file link will only accept 8 digits, thus preventing me from downloading on android box. Any suggestion on how to resolve

1 year ago
Reply to  Ben

sorry i dont understand your question

twila prater
twila prater
1 year ago

where can i get the code for some numbers I need the pin number for at least 4 sites

11 months ago
Reply to  twila prater


liz glisper
liz glisper
15 days ago

somewhere in the down load process i went wrong i downloaded everything you told me to, but some of these apps are not free i am getting a 7 day trial . i went back to try to erase everything and start all over and i cannot get yo the main screen.

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