Missing Kodi URL Resolver? Here Is What You Should Do

Kodi’s URL Resolver dependency has gone through some changes lately. The following article explains what you should do, should the URL Resolver not work as usual.

On 15th November, the developers of various Kodi addons received notice from the MPA and the ACE. This ultimately resulted in the taking down of the Colossus repository. It affected various third-party addons as well, such as Ares Wizard, Bennu, and Covenant.

Because one of the developers that had created URL Resolver was taken down, they removed URL Resolver as well and it’s now missing. These legal threats targeted only developers who created unlicensed streaming addons. So, we would encourage anyone reading to stay away from illegal or copyrighted streaming services. We recommend you to only use official sources, as they still provide access to a decent media library. But in a much safer and risk-free way.

In this article, we will aim to explain what exactly does the URL Resolver do. We will also tell you where to find it now after all these events.

What Has Happened with Missing Kodi URL Resolver?

url resolver

A Kodi developer by the name Jsergio123 had been part of a number of third-party addons for Kodi. He was the first to declare that he would stop the development of such addons. This included the Meta Handler and URL Resolver which various unofficial addons relied upon. The reason behind this decision was a letter that MPA and ACE sent to him. This is an organization of huge industry corporations, including Sky, Disney, Amazon, and Netflix.

The problem in legal terms was that users don’t use URL Resolver solely for streaming through unlicensed addons. But the URL Resolver rather simply provides users with a way to access such content from various different websites. Because of this, official and legitimate addons use it as well. To complicate things further, there are some unofficial addons such as Bubbles that can operate without the URL Resolver. This is because they have the ability to use other scripts, like NaN Scraper.

The TVAddons team took down the repository in August due to legal issues. Then they put it back online, but with all the unlicensed addons removed or missing. URL Resolver became one of the few that stood its place. The TVAddons team further stated they’ll be taking over control of the addon in the near future. Upcoming updates make take more time than usual due to Jsergio123’s choice to retire. So that’s the reason behind missing Kodi URL resolver.

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How to Protect Your System

What to do in case of a missing Kodi URL Resolver? MPA and ACE’s legal threats seemed to have had a great effect on the Kodi community. And since then, several addons have been taking down. This includes the Ares Wizard Team, MuckyDuck, Lucifer, Pulse, Echo Coder and The_Alpha.

Because at least one developer has had their GitHub account deleted, their username is now up for grabs to anyone. In the past, there were releases of hazardous updates for Exodus through this way. There’s no reason why this kind of incident can’t happen again. Because of the risks involved with this, we would encourage anyone reading this to disable automatic updates for your addons.

To disable automatic updates, go to Kodi’s home screen and click on the gear icon. Then click on System Settings, and choose the Addons tab which will be on the left side of the screen. In the right box, click on Update Settings, before finally selecting “Notify, but don’t install updates.” By doing this, you’ll become familiar with the new updates. You will also have the option to research and look into them, before deciding whether they’re legitimate.

Whenever an update is available, many people choose to wait two to three weeks. They check forums across the community, just to make sure the update is safe before downloading it themselves. As TVAddons is a well-trust development team who said they’ll be the ones releasing updates for the URL Resolver, there’s no reason to look for other sources to download it.

Best Official Addons to Use When Missing URL Resolver

Third-party addons use URL Resolver the most. And because of this, the changes made won’t have an effect on the majority of official addons. The addons listed below will work as normal. They are completely legal to use, offering large media libraries that are comparative to the most used third-party addons.

1. YouTube

youtube addon

YouTube is, without a doubt, the largest and most-used streaming platform available. It features a library that amasses years of content. The huge range of content available is what sets it apart from most of its competitors. It includes videos ranging from funny compilations to informative videos, to fitness, to DIY – and much, much more. Because of the sheer amount available, it’s a guarantee that you will find something that’s for you.

Not only this, but Kodi’s own YouTube addon retains most of the content and functionality that’s available on the website itself. This allows users to create video playlists, video queues, and even view their subscription preferences.

Although you can’t comment on videos or use YouTube’s own message features, this isn’t a particular downside. The vast majority of Kodi users wouldn’t use the YouTube addon for these purposes anyway.

2. Bigstar Movies & TV

Install bigstar movies

Bigstar Movies & TV is a streaming service that provides users with a huge range of titles to pick from. It has a categorized and well-organized media library. Fortunately, none of the content is location-based or region-locked, which means you can access it from anywhere in the world.

It also includes a search function which allows you to locate specific films and TV shows if they require. Although it hosts many unknown movies that won’t have made it to mainstream cinema, it also boasts some incredible, well-known and award-winning material, from both the US and UK.

3. PlayOn Browser

playon browser

The PlayOn Browser provides users with the ability to integrate all of the accounts from various other streaming services, and watch this content in one location. And as there aren’t official addons for Amazon Prime Video or Netflix, this is the simplest and safest way to view this media within Kodi.

PlayOn Browser’s premium membership is $2.50 per month. This doesn’t just increase the number of accounts that users can connect, but allows users to skip ads, or even record video to their own local storage. Although the free version does offer some content, because of what the paid version offers, we think it’s well worth its price tag.

Always use a VPN like IPVanish when using Kodi addons so all your online activity will be safe.

Let us know in the comments below what addon do you use the most and if you’re experiencing missing Kodi URL Resolver.

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