New Amazon Firestick Apps to Be Released in May 2021

The experience you have with your Amazon Firestick device is always going to depend on the apps that you have installed. Whether you want to stream movies for free, live sports, or even play games with your device, apps are integral in how the device operates. The great news is that new Amazon Firestick apps get released all the time and as such, you will get an amazing variety of options to go for.

In this post, we will be looking at some of the hottest apps for Firestick this year and why you should get them as soon as possible.

How Do You Find Apps for Firestick?

Before we give you the full list of the new Amazon Firestick apps, it is important to first of all explain how to get these apps.

Well, it depends on whether it’s an official app or a third-party app that needs side loading. For official apps, you can find them on the Amazon App store.

You just need to hit the home button on your remote and on the top of the screen, you will see several menus. Scroll across and locate “Find”. You can now access all Amazon apps from there. However, if you want specific new Amazon Firestick apps available on the app store, you should go to the ‘Search’ option.

Amazon Firestick Find

What Are the Best New Amazon Firestick Apps?

As you can imagine, there are a ton of apps that you can use for your streaming device but not all are perfect.

Here are some that you cannot afford to ignore:


Vudu app on Firestick

VUDU is one of the most popular TV and movie streaming apps in the world. It has a massive collection of both new and old TV shows plus a great variety of movies to check out as well.

However, VUDU has been around for quite some time. But it was a third-party app so you had to sideload it in order to enjoy everything it has to offer.

But it seems the app has managed to strike an agreement with Amazon, and right now, you can access it directly from the app store.

It’s one of the best new Amazon Firestick apps to have on your device. Besides, VUDU is actually free so there’s so much to gain.

2. Luna

Luna app on Firestick

Luna is an official cloud gaming app from Amazon. It’s actually a very new app since it launched in September 2020. A month later, Amazon started inviting users to try it out and it seems everything has worked out so far.

The app is now available on the Amazon App Store and it’s designed for people that love gaming. But, as with every new app, there could be some issues there.

However, this app can only get better and that’s why it features in our list of the best new Amazon Firestick apps.

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What If You Want to Explore Other Apps?

Free apps on Firestick

In case you have installed the two apps above and you still want to explore more, then there’s a simple way around this. First, head to the Find section of your Firestick.

When you’re there, you will see the “Free” option right next to the “Library” section. Go ahead and click it.

From there, you will be able to search apps based on category. For example, when you click the Featured Apps category, you will get all new and hot apps, including live streaming. You can then choose what you want and start enjoying it.

Final Thoughts

Getting the best new Amazon Firestick apps is essential in making good use of your streaming device. What new apps are you using right now?

Is there something you’d like to recommend to other Firestick users? Let us know in the comments below.

And as always, if you have any questions about your device, apps, or any other thing related to streaming, feel free to leave us a message.

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VIPRE Security

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1 month ago

One of the best apps for movies you can sideload is Cinema HD. You can also find an ad-free version. Best of all, it’s free!

rick reeves
rick reeves
1 month ago
Reply to  Stacey

use a vpn for that one because it uses torrents that can be tracked and also if u do not want to do that get a real-debrid account

1 month ago
Reply to  rick reeves

For some odd reason I can’t find real debrid in settings anymore does anyone no why???

Coll D
Coll D
1 month ago
Reply to  Stacey

how do you find an ad free version?

1 month ago

Enjoy info, but ……so much not applicable to Europe
Does anyone keep up with current set up/situation here ?
I get so envious….

Marilynn Williams
Marilynn Williams
1 month ago

Does anyone have the problem with no sound if you try to watch a NBC show? Also it doesn’t matter which streaming app I use. Like Cinema HD, unlock my tv or Bee tv.

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