New Free Amazon Firestick Movie Tab with More Than 20,000 Titles

Amazon Fire TV and Firestick provide a fantastic way to stream movies and TV series on your TV. If you love watching TV movies then you will definitely like this post. Here I will show you how to get over 20,000 titles using the free Amazon Firestick movie tab.

Read on to find out how you can exactly do that straight from your Amazon Firestick.

Amazon Firestick’s Latest Update

So, what is this free movie titles all about? Well, you may have noticed that recently Amazon Firestick posted the hashtag #AtHome icon on the home screen.

Most people got the hashtag although some didn’t. You wouldn’t have missed seeing the hashtag against a bright purple background at the right corner of your home screen.

However, the hashtag wasn’t available in all countries, which wasn’t really a good thing. But most Firestick users in the United States and parts of the UK got it. I believe Amazon is going to bring the offer to more countries across the world as well.

What happened is that Amazon enhanced its Fire TV and Firestick with a new update. This is basically a new Free tab located at the top of your home screen.

Amazon’s Michael Polin recently wrote in a blog post about the launch of the free Amazon Firestick movie tab. He stated that the company had in the past year received feedback from their customers. Most of whom asked for more free content on Fire TV and Firestick.

In response to their customer’s requests, Amazon has now built a curated experience. This gives its customers a simple way to find and watch movies and shows that they love watching. It does this by highlighting apps that offer free to watch content which most people may not be aware of.

According to Amazon, the free tab will be refreshing regularly to cycle new content as it’s released. Most of the free content available on the Amazon Firestick movie tab contains a collection of curated movies and TV shows. It all comes from leading content providers.

You also get personalized and featured rows of free movies and shows. They are arranged in different categories such as new, popular, trending, and many more. Firestick and Fire TV users also get access to news content via the Fire TV News app. If you don’t already have the Free tab on your Amazon Firestick, you may need to update your device to get it.

How to Update Your Firestick

You can quickly update your Firestick to get the new free Amazon Firestick movie tab by simply navigating to Settings. Then move to the right all the way to My Fire TV.

my fire tv on settings

Click on Check for Updates.

Check for Updates on Firestick

Click on Last Checked and see if there’s an available update. The Firestick will start downloading the latest update if you don’t already have it.

To get the most out of your Firestick, make a point of checking for new updates and installing them regularly. However, the system sometimes does the entire process automatically behind the scenes. Once you have the latest update, you will see new improvements and functions. This includes the new free Amazon movie tab.

After you have updated your Firestick, you may not see the Free tab right away. You will need to restart your Firestick device to get the updated home screen menu. To reboot, go to Settings, then head over to My Fire TV, scroll down, and click on Restart. 

restart firestick

Click Restart to confirm the restart of your device.

restart firestick

Once you restart the device, you should see the Free tab among the menu items at the top of your screen. You may also get any other content that you probably didn’t have since the last time you updated your device.

In fact, there are people who didn’t see the hashtag #AtHome icon. But when they updated their Firestick devices they got the Free Amazon Firestick movie tab. So, make sure to update and restart your device to access the free 20,000+ movie titles.

About the Free Amazon Firestick Movie Tab

The new free Amazon Firestick movie app opens up a row of featured apps with the most popular free and often ad-supported channels. This includes IMDb TV, Pluto, Tubi, Crackle, CW, and the Fire TV News app. The app also gives you access to more free content apps such as Red Bull, Twitch, PBS, and PBS Kids just to mention a few.

The free app basically gives Amazon Fire TV and Firestick customers a quick and easy way to discover a massive library of free content. This library is refreshed regularly. It will keep you updated with the most popular, trending, and new content including movies, TV shows, kid’s cartoons, and much more. It also features unlocked content from major streaming services. This includes kids and family content previously available to Amazon Prime Video customers only.

If you already have the free tab on your home screen or have updated and restarted your device to get the new free tab, just click on it to check it out. This free tab has almost everything you need to enjoy a diverse library of movies in different categories or genres.

It has tons and tons of great things to enhance your entertainment. This is especially if you’re stuck at home during these COVID-19 quarantine times. This is actually what the new update from Amazon is all about. It’s a way of providing you with tons of movies. This is an effort to encourage people to stay at home and reduce the spread of the virus.

When you open the tab, you’ll be presented with different icons of featured apps that have the free content you want to watch. A few examples of featured apps include IMDb TV, Tubi, Pluto, Crackle, and many more. Keep in mind that the content or apps you get will depend on your location. So, the selection of apps will differ from one country to another.

The good news is that you can get all the featured apps using a reliable VPN service such as IPVanish VPN. With VPN you can get popular movie and TV show apps. This includes Pluto, IMDb TV, Tubi, and many more apps that are only available in US or other select countries.

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How Does the Free Amazon Firestick Movie Tab Compare to Roku’s Free Movies?

With the launch of the free movies tab, Amazon Firestick now rivals Roku. Roku gained popularity due to its free movies and TV hub. Roku, which is the main rival of Amazon Fire TV and Firestick, has long dominated the free content streaming business through its “Featured Free” section. This section is available on the main menu.

It features ad-sponsored TV shows and movies. One of the key differences between the free content on Roku and Firestick is that Roku allows you to hide the free section from view if don’t plan to use it while Amazon keeps the Free tab prominently displayed on the Firestick or Fire TV main menu.

You also get better browsing experience on Amazon Firestick’s free tab than on Roku Channel’s free section. While Roku only displays a random selection of free content, Amazon Firestick’s free tab opens up with a more organized prominent display of “Featured Apps” including popular apps such as IMDb, Crackle, CW, Pluto, and Amazon’s News app just to mention a few.

Below the first row of Featured Apps, Firestick shows you a selection of thematic horizontal rows of free curated content in more organized categories including personalized recommendations of free TV shows and movies, trending, popular, and new movies and shows. There’s a row dedicated to Amazon’s News App on Fire TV. According to an Amazon spokesperson, the content available on the Free tab is sourced from Amazon and other free content providers.

Amazon also stated that Firestick and Fire TV customers will have unlimited free access to over 20,000 movies and movies. This includes unlocked content from popular streaming services as well as a wide selection of kids and family programs freely available through Amazon’s Prime Video service.

However, keep in mind that the Free tab not only helps you access free content but delivers the content in a more organized curated style as well. With the launch of the free movies and TV shows tab, Amazon now poses a major challenge to Roku’s dominance on free content through its free movies and TV hub. 

How to Use the Free Amazon Firestick Movie Tab to Access Over 20,000 Movie Titles

To access the huge collection of movie titles via your Firestick device, simply click on the Free tab then choose one of the featured apps. For example, when you click on IMDb TV, it will open a collection of free movies that you can watch straight away.

It will also have some ads movies but it’s completely free on your Amazon Firestick. Scroll through all the available movie titles to find one that you haven’t watched before or would like to watch again and simply click on it to start streaming it on your TV free of charge.

You can click on any other featured app on your screen such as Tubi or Pluto to check another huge collection of movie titles available for free. Pluto TV is a full live TV and movies app with tons and tons of entertaining content to keep you entertained while you stay safely at home. Everything is completely free on Pluto’s live-streaming app when you connect via the free Amazon Firestick movie tab.

Pluto TV also gives you a full guide of all the available movies at any time. It’s completely free too but you will need to download it in a quick and easy process. It’s also worth mentioning that Pluto TV is only available in the United States. If you cannot access Pluto TV in your country, just get a good VPN for Firestick to change your location to any city in the United States to access the Pluto TV app on your Firestick.

Once you download and install Pluto TV to your Firestick, you’ll see all the channels available on the app. It has a massive guide of channels just like you get on a paid cable TV service. When you find an interesting movie or content you would like to watch just click on and it pulls up on a preview window and when you click on it again it goes full screen.

If you go back to the free Amazon Firestick movie tab, you’ll see more featured apps and movie channels such as Crackle, News, RedBull TV, PBS, and many more. If you haven’t checked Red Bull TV, make a point of checking it out too. It has great content to keep you entertained day and night.

Open Pluto TV on Firestick

Final Thoughts

It has now become even simpler to find movies and TV shows that you can stream free of charge. All without any subscription fee on your Fire TV or Firestick. This is thanks to the free Amazon Firestick movie tab.

The free Amazon Firestick movie tab gives you a huge collection of movies and news channels that you can watch completely free. It’s Amazon’s answer to Roku’s free content section. But delivers the free content in a more organized and appropriately curated style.

The free tab gives you access to more than 20,000 free movies and TV shows through your Firestick and Fire TV device from popular apps including IMDb TV, Pluto TV, Tubi, Crackle, CW, PBS, and PBS Kids among others.

You even get free on-demand news channels, cartoons, and other kid’s stuff to inform and entertain your little ones while schools are closed, and much more content that’s all available for free. Everything you access through the Free tab on your Amazon Firestick is completely free.

You have a wide choice of entertaining and informative content to watch all day and night. This is all without paying for any subscription whatsoever. The service is currently available in the US and parts of the UK. You can also get it wherever you live using a reliable VPN service.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about this new movie tab!


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