Sling TV Free Content During Happy Hour in the US

As you stay at home during this pandemic, you can enjoy the new feature that Sling TV has added to its services. This feature, which includes Sling TV free content, is as a result of their happy hour festivities. Even if you’ve never used their services before, you can still sign up – without having to add a payment method – and watch any of the free content between 5 PM – 12 midnight.

The Happy Hour featured was integrated into Sling TV’s services in an effort to keep their viewers updated, entertained and feeling happy. This pandemic has kept most of the world’s population in their houses.

With a lot of extra time on their hands, these viewers have turned to watching lots of news (with a 164% rise in viewing), and also entertainment programs later in the evening. The system has detected a high number of entertainments streaming starting at 6 PM (Eastern Time), and the largest numbers are at 10 PM.

The company’s group president, Warren, said that “Unlike the regular happy hour’s contents – some tasty chicken, and drinks – Sling TV will be serving its viewers with a unique happy hour package”. “To get the regular happy hour experience, you can whip up a nice bowl of snacks and get a drink while watching the amazing content on hour happy hour package.” This would be a great way to enjoy the Sling TV free content.

Sling TV Features

Sling TV is a great streaming services provider. Their platform doesn’t lack any of the necessary features to help their viewers have the best time.

• Single Stream vs. Multiple Streams

Another set of Sling TV features are the single stream, and multiple stream features. Users can choose between these two packages based on preference. The single stream feature is associated with Sling Orange subscription package. This feature doesn’t allow users to stream simultaneously on multiple devices. The streaming is limited to only one device at a time.

The multiple streams option is associated with Sling Blue subscription. This package allows users to stream simultaneously on up to three different devices. You can increase the device number to four by doing a joint subscription of the Sling Blue and Orange packages.

Other subscription packages on the Sling platform include Sling Latino and Sling International. You can only do single streams on Sling International. Sling Latino allows streaming on up to two devices. A mesh of the two packages increases streaming devices to three.

• Referral Discount

The viewer’s budget for live streaming services determines what platform they would subscribe to. Fortunately, Sling TV offers its services at budget-friendly rates – and even offers the Sling TV free content feature.

In addition to this, Sling TV also gives its users the “refer-a-friend” discount. This is how it works: When you refer Sling TV’s services to a friend, and they join the platform, you get a $5 reduction in your subscription fee. This discount lasts for 3 consecutive months. Since the cost of some add-on packages are $5, this discount deal is worth it.

Apart from the refer-a-friend discount offer, the platform also gives free devices to lucky users occasionally. This offer is based on making advance subscription for some packages. Some users, in the past, have enjoyed free device offers like: Google Assistant devices, AirTV Mini streamers, Amazon Alexa devices, and the likes.

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• Sports Channels

For Sling TV users who are interested in sports, the platform has a feature, Game Finder, that’s perfect for you. With the Game Finder feature, you will no longer have trouble searching through league seasons in order to find your favorite games. This feature helps you navigate through NBA, NFL, MLB, and other league games.

• Cloud DVR and Cloud DVR Plus

Apart from the Sling TV free content on happy hour, the platform also provides its users with a free Cloud DVR storage. This feature allows you to save up to 10 hours of your favorite content.

If 10 hours won’t be enough for you, feel free to increase the hours by paying a little fee. The platform has a $5 for the 50-hour plan called Cloud DVR plus – it lasts for a month.

• Video on Demand

Another exiting feature that users can anticipate is the provision of videos on demand. The platform will make lots of great content available for viewers to rent. There are fair rates that apply to these content rentals, and rentals are available for 30 days.

Have you been taking advantage of the Sling TV free content during the COVID-19 lockdown? We would love hearing from you in the comments down below.


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