T95Q Android TV BOX 2021 Review

Sunvell is one of the most popular TV box manufacturers on the market and they have earned a reputation for manufacturing one cutting-edge TV box after another. However, their Sunvell T95Q TV box model was eclipsed by the Amlogic S905X2 CPU, one of the best-selling TV box units to date. Clearly, the TV box industry is very competitive and it’ll take more than a few gimmicks for a brand to stand out. It takes a combination of high-quality performance and value for money to truly stand out. Unfortunately, there are a lot of copycats and fakes out there so you have to be really careful and discerning when looking for a TV box. You should really make sure that it carries the Sunvell stamp. Take a look at our in-depth T95Q review below!

T95Q Android TV BOX 2021 Hardware

Review T95Q android TV Box

The Amlogic S905X2 chipset is by far the Amlogic Company’s proudest achievement to date and one of its redeeming qualities. The T95Q Android BOX 2019 model uses the same chipset because of the improved performance it offers. With that said, some boxes have difficulty running the 64-bit mode and often overheat as a result, while the T95Q actually thrives on this chipset. Perhaps Amlogic has applied some heat management improvements in addition to getting rid of the 1.5GHz CPU clock speed offered in their previous S905 and S912 chipset units. The T95Q Android TV BOX 2019 is one of the latest boxes to run on the S905X2 chipset, which can go from 1 .8GHz and 1.9GHz. Gamers will be glad to know that this latest box can handle high-quality graphics and other gimmicks that come with the latest Android games.

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User Interface and Android OS

user interface

The T95Q Android TV BOX 2019 model runs on Android 8.1 Oreo instead of the Android TV OS like other boxes. Anyone who’s tried using this box will tell you that it’s much better to run it on the full Android OS instead of on the Android TV OS because then you can use it to stream your favorite series and movies, as well as different types of music and games. Netflix HD account users won’t like the idea of running their box on the full Android OS because it could potentially affect DRM support, thus diminishing their chances of playing HD quality content on the platform. That’s because the T95Q Android TV BOX 2019 is limited to Google Widevine L3 with no HDCP encryption.

More Features

TV boxes provide the user with a world of entertainment from one central platform that’s easy to access and use. You can use it to stream TV shows, series, movies, music Android games, mobile content and more. The T95Q Android TV BOX 2019 is no exception because it comes with a built-in and fully functional custom KD player which enables you to easily install the Kodi player.

If you like you can install Netflix as well as long as you’re okay with watching their content in 720p quality. Otherwise, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited streams and 4K video.

The T95Q Android TV BOX 2019 really shines when it comes to accurately rendering 3D visuals. Keep in mind that this is a single core GPU which is a considerable improvement from the previous Mali 450 / 720.

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The T95Q Android TV BOX 2019 is a fantastic device that comes with all the features you’d expect from a premium quality box. This includes impressive hardware specs and dimensions, while the performance is on par with that of fast and efficient models such as the Firestick.

With the T95Q Android TV BOX 2019, you can expect to experience high-speed LAN and Wi-Fi connections, while the stock infrared remote offers a convenient way to control and manage the different functions of the device.

The only issues we have with this box is that it plays Netflix content at 720p quality, there’s no notification bar on the user interface launcher and we experienced a few issues when playing 4K quality videos.

Otherwise, gamers will absolutely love this box because of its ability to render accurate 3D visuals, and you’ll enjoy high-quality content from any APK or app you install from the Google Play Store.

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