Discovery Plus Streaming Service to Be Released in January 2021

Discovery Plus streaming service

Discovery is a company that provides you with streaming opportunities. You can access movies, news, sports, and several other viewings of your choice. This streaming service is not yet available, but Discovery is set to release it on January 4, 2021. You can access the Discovery Plus Streaming service from next year, and you will … Read more

DISH Network to Sue Universe IPTV for Copyright Reasons

Dish Network

DISH Network, a large US-based broadcaster, is filing a lawsuit against Universe IPTV for copyright infringement. The suit was filed in the United States but it’s not the first time Dish Network is going after third-party streaming service providers. This is something the broadcaster is known for. In recent years, it has targeted groups or … Read more

YTS Releases Are Getting Banned Everywhere

YTS releases

It’s been almost two weeks now since we started covering the events surrounding the recent developments of the torrent communities. We focused particularly on YTS releases. It all began with the release of information which revealed that the YTS operator shared user information with an anti-piracy lawyer from Hawaii named Kerry Culpepper. Culpepper is, of … Read more

YTS Torrents Provider Has Become Part of a New Anti-Piracy Scheme

YTS torrents

When using websites like The Pirate Bay and YTS torrents, it’s common knowledge that your IP addresses and other types of data is compromised. Of course, people continue to use these sites. This is because they feel that their information will be safe and that their data won’t be recklessly shared with third-parties. But, since … Read more




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