Pirate Bay Collects IP Addresses According to Accusations

pirate bay collect ip addresses

Pirate Bay is currently in the middle of a potentially huge privacy scandal. It’s emerging that the torrent sharing site has been logging important user data, including email and IP addresses. These latest developments surfaced on Twitter for the first time. The initial tweet indicated that Pirate Bay may actually have a database of data … Read more

YTS Releases Are Getting Banned Everywhere

YTS releases

It’s been almost two weeks now since we started covering the events surrounding the recent developments of the torrent communities. We focused particularly on YTS releases. It all began with the release of information which revealed that the YTS operator shared user information with an anti-piracy lawyer from Hawaii named Kerry Culpepper. Culpepper is, of … Read more

YTS Torrents Provider Has Become Part of a New Anti-Piracy Scheme

YTS torrents

When using websites like The Pirate Bay and YTS torrents, it’s common knowledge that your IP addresses and other types of data is compromised. Of course, people continue to use these sites. This is because they feel that their information will be safe and that their data won’t be recklessly shared with third-parties. But, since … Read more

ISPs Monitoring IPTV Pirates According to Court Documents

ISPs Monitoring IPTV Pirates

For about 15 years, European authorities have been fighting against piracy websites with an ever-growing amount of anti-piracy regulation as well as ISP monitoring IPTV pirates and the like. In order to block piracy sites though, a copyright holder from the entertainment industry has to file a “no-fault” injunction. This injunction indemnifies the internet service … Read more

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