6 Apps with Malware You Should Get Rid of Immediately


There are many malicious apps available online lately. These apps with malware affect the productivity of your device and can even kill its functionality. Adware is dangerous to your business because it interrupts you when you are in the middle of your workflow. It can crash your device, drain battery power faster than normal, and … Read more

What is Malware and How to Detect It

what is malware

What is malware, you ask? The word “malware” actually stands for malicious software. It refers to harmful computer programs such as Trojans, worms and viruses. Cybercriminals use these to steal user data and damage computer systems. According to Microsoft, malware is a blanket term for any type of software whose primary function is to damage … Read more

Top 7 Tips on How to Prevent Malware Attacks Directed to Your Business

malware security

Cybersecurity is fast becoming a significant risk factor for individuals and organizations alike so you need to know how to prevent malware attacks. Pretty much anyone who uses the Internet is vulnerable to attacks. This is because hackers constantly work to develop innovative and advanced cybersecurity tricks that will be difficult to track and prevent. … Read more

How to Detect Crypto Mining Malware and How to Prevent It

crypto mining malware

Ransomware attacks are one of the most common types of online threats that organizations and businesses today face. Crypto-jacking is one such attack and it’s so stealthy that most organizations won’t notice it until it’s too late. Worst of all, the repercussions of crypto mining malware often take a while to manifest. The first sign … Read more

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