What is Nextcloud?

nextcloud interface

Nextcloud is a platform that offers a variety of client-server software that you can use to create and use file hosting services. Nextcloud works similarly to more popular platforms like Dropbox. The main difference is that Dropbox doesn’t provide file storage hosting for off-premises purpose. Nextcloud is an open-source platform. This means it’s available free of … Read more

Nextcloud Advantages over Dropbox and Co.

nextcloud advantages

In 2016, the founder of ownCloud Frank Karlitschek, launched Nextcloud as an offshoot of the former. Although similar, Nextcloud comes with certain features that make it more attractive to private customers. That’s because it offers open-source based private cloud storage. It’s way more private and secure than services like Dropbox. You’re probably wondering what other … Read more

Get Download URLs for FileLinked with Seedboxco & Nextcloud

seedbox and nextcloud for filelinked store

Is your FileLinked store growing at an unexpected rate? Are you having trouble keeping up with the download traffic? Then you should use FileLinked with Seedboxco. Seedboxco offers bandwidth of up to 10 Gbit/s and allows you to handle an unlimited amount of download traffic. Of course, Seedboxco is one of the services that offer unparalleled privacy … Read more

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