The Link Between the Fake Coronavirus App for Android and a Potential iPhone Spyware

iPhone Spyware

According to a recent report, a new spyware campaign is underfoot which lures people through a Coronavirus and cryptocurrency connection. It typically comes in the form of Android and iPhone spyware. It masks its activities by using a combination of legitimate online companies as fronts for what appears to be a criminal activity organization. Once … Read more

Safe and Cloaked on the Internet

Safe and Cloaked on the Internet

Are you looking for ways to stay safe and cloaked on the Internet? You’re not alone. An increasing number of people are realizing the importance of online protection, in light of increased state surveillance. Corporations and governments alike seem to be collaborating towards a state of complete totalitarianism. While there are many possible ways to … Read more

Why is Online Privacy So Important?

Online Privacy

It’s human nature to desire knowledge and be curious about different things. Thanks to the Internet and social media, there is no limit to how much one can satisfy that desire. We have access to more information than we’ve ever had in the entire history of the human species. Most of this information appears to … Read more

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