HALauncher Launcher Replacement for Amazon Fire Stick

HALauncher Launcher Replacement

If you’re a Firestick TV owner, then it’s very likely that you’ve heard about the HALauncher Launcher Replacement. The Amazon Firestick TV is one nifty streaming device. It allows you to access an ocean of high-quality content, mostly free of charge. However, for all its star power, the Firestick TV heavily relies on apps to … Read more

Best Android TV Launcher Apps in 2019

android tv launcher

In case you didn’t know, Android launcher refers to your device’s home screen. This is where you’ll see all the menus, recommendations and apps on your device. Ideally, any device’s home screen should be intuitive and easy to use. At least that’s what Android set out to do when they created the latest version of … Read more

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