HALauncher Launcher Replacement for Amazon Fire Stick

HALauncher Launcher Replacement

If you’re a Firestick TV owner, then it’s very likely that you’ve heard about the HALauncher Launcher Replacement. The Amazon Firestick TV is one nifty streaming device. It allows you to access an ocean of high-quality content, mostly free of charge. However, for all its star power, the Firestick TV heavily relies on apps to … Read more

A Quick Guide on How to Install Leanback Launcher on Amazon Fire TV

leanback launcher

The main goal of Amazon TV’s default launcher is to provide users with up to date offerings from Amazon, which makes sense seeing that this is their device after all. But, most people use this device for more than just accessing Amazon-related content. In fact, a majority of users use their Amazon Firestick and Fire … Read more




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