TeaTV Has Shut Down: Everything You Should Know

Some big changes have occurred in regard to the well-known streaming service called TeaTV. Both the website itself, as well as any associated social media profiles, have all been taken offline. And worse yet, as of now, there’s been no explanation for this whatsoever.

Many people believe that this may have directly to do with an article by CNBC. This article announced the TeaTV app to be a streaming service for pirated content, but this is still unconfirmed.

Is TeaTV Down?

Many think the key reason why is TeaTV down is due to advertising. Despite the app having the appearance of something official and legal, the media it provided generated revenue from unlicensed, and therefore illegal, content.

Despite a lot of the media available being of an unsatisfactory quality, some films that are still in cinema, and are yet to even be released for digital download, can be viewed on the site. But even though the site definitely doesn’t have the legal right to provide this media, users are still required to sit through adverts before they can enjoy it. This makes it, in ways, a double-whammy of offenses.

Providing illegal content is bad enough, but making money from it is a whole other level of infringement.

How TeaTV Worked?

What happened to TeaTV issues? Why is TeaTV not working and not loading? Before TeaTV shut down, TeaTV provided users with various pirated and copyrighted content from mainstream production companies, such as Amazon’s Prime Studios, Netflix, and the Game of Thrones producers, HBO.

When it comes to the adverts themselves, various well-known apps and sites have had their products or services featured in the pre-film or pre-show commercial stint, including Hulu, Pandora, Yahoo Mail, and the ever-popular app, TikTok. There have even been adverts that promoted Walgreens, Kia, Adroll, Google, and many, many more.

Since finding this out, Walgreens specifically have expressed the desire to have any of their adverts removed from pirated or illegitimate sits, and said they would work to get this action put in place.

Perhaps the success and popularity of these sites lie within their technical prowess, as TeaTV is compatible with Windows and macOS, as well as Android for mobile devices. Not only this, but content quality goes up to 1080p, making it a no-brainer for those people who would rather not part with their cash in order to watch movies. But the number of advertisers appearing seems to have made no slowdown.

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TeaTV Ads

teatv interface

TeaTV APK became known for its relentless advertising over copyrighted content, in official institutions anyway.

But finding the people responsible for this is by no means an easy feat. This is because the app’s website displays no details about the developer(s), their location, or anything else about them that could indicate who or where they are. Just an email address. The closest hope might be their Twitter profile, as this is where they share news and learn how to update TeaTV on Firestick to those who are interested.

This isn’t new news in the world of online streaming. Nor is it TeaTV and its TeaTV invalid requests alone in this. Pirated streaming and downloadable content have been around for well over a decade. This is with new sites popping up at a rate that some say it’s too quick to be stemmed. And the same goes for advertising. Take your adds off an online TeaTV website and they’re likely to appear in another within days.

What Should Users Do?

The best is to rely on well known and legal TeaTV Chromecast and PC alternatives that we have described in this article.

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What do you think now that TeaTV has shut down? Drop a comment below to let us know!

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