The Best Android Phones to Buy in 2019

Android smartphones are all the rage right now, thanks to their wide array of cutting-edge features and sleek design. But, if you’re looking to purchase an Android smartphone you’ll notice that the sheer variety available is truly overwhelming.

Part of what makes Android smartphones so popular is the fact that you can expect the same user experience across all of their devices. So the only thing you need to worry about are the features. While a long-lasting battery is an important concern for one person, a high-quality camera might be more important to another. Either way, there’s an Android phone available out there to suit everyone’s needs.

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To help you figure out what is the best Android phone in 2019 for you, we have a roundup of the top models to look out for.

1. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

This phone has improved exponentially over the years. This is to the point that earlier reiterations look nothing like the most recent model. The Galaxy S10 Plus is sleek, stylish and packed with awesome features like the super-fast Snapdragon 855 chip. It also features an expanded camera that’ll help you take stunning holiday pics.

This is all supported by 8GB of RAM which is enough to satisfy your gaming, streaming and browsing needs without sacrificing performance. According to smartphone geeks, this is what makes this the best Android phone in 2019.

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2. OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus is known for producing high-quality and good looking phones and the 7 Pro only reinforces that image. This phone features an ultra-wide camera that’s good enough to take impressive home videos. It also features a sensitive fingerprint sensor along with an impressive resolution of WQHD+ (1440×3120). This makes for sharp and crisp images that look as if they were taken with a professional camera.

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3. Huawei P30 Pro

We all know that Huawei’s P series offers superb cameras that can take the most stunning pictures and videos. But, none of us were quite ready to see what the P30 Pro had in store. The camera on this phone is remarkable. So it’s a wonder how they were able to pack it into such a compact device. The periscope lens alone is a cutting-edge innovation that has baffled even the brand’s most ardent competitors. This is the reason why this phone is the first to combine a 50x full digital zoom, 10x digital zoom and 5x optical zoom in one device, whereas other brands struggle to provide a simple 3x optical zoom feature.

All of this comes in a sleek and modern design. And while most people may assume that these features will slow this phone down, that’s not the case. Thanks to the Kirin 980 chip, this phone’s performance is the same as what you’d expect from high-end competitors like Samsung and Apple. It also helps that the P30 Pro is backed by decent RAM. If taking high-quality photos is important to you, then you’ll be glad to know that its camera is on the same level as DSLR ISO. For camera lovers, this is the best Android phone in 2019.

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4. Google Pixel 3

Although small and more affordable than its predecessor, the Google Pixel 3 has a great camera that’ll give most of its more expensive competitors a run for their money. It features a Full HD display on a 5.5-inch display. Although it doesn’t look like a stylish modern phone, it has a solid internal makeup that’ll satisfy almost any user.

The great thing about using Google phones is that they go through constant updates to keep the operating system in good shape.

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5. LG G8 ThinQ

But, what makes it the best Android phone in 2019? Well, it has a sprawling screen which offers sharp and bright imagery along with a wide-angle lens camera that offers great versatility.

P.S. Whichever model you end up choosing, remember to always use a VPN such as IPVanish when connected to the Internet on your smartphone. This will protect you against cybercrime, third-party interference, data theft, and geo-blocking so you can safely enjoy all that your phone has to offer.

Did you find this article on the best Android phone in 2019 helpful? Let us know in the comments below. We love hearing from you!


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