The Simpsons Crypto Episode Brings Attention to the Blockchain Again

Yep, it happened. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology finally entered the mainstream… back in 1997. The Simpsons, which is one of the most innovative adult animation shows in history, has done what it does best – predict the future. The Simpsons crypto episode was one of the show’s most uncanny predictions of the future to date.

If you’re a fan of the series, then you know that it has successfully predicted many events of the past couple of decades. This includes everything from 9/11 to Trump becoming president. The show has even hinted at horsemeat scandals, robotic librarians and video phones long before they became a reality.

But, you’ll be shocked to find that the show predicted the advent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology back in 1997. In an episode called “My Sister, My Sister” which aired on the 2nd of March that year, the show presents its main protagonists Marge and Homer dining al fresco in a place called the “Crypto Barn” whose slogan reads “A Place for Codes.”

Now, while this particular establishment was said to sell the knick-knacks like surveillance cameras and spy equipment, the use of “generic codes” was eerily similar to what we know today as cryptocurrency outlets.

Today, one can procure Bitcoin scratch cards and other physical codes in one of the many brick-and-mortar crypto establishments.

Not only that, but the episode’s main attraction the Crypto Barn is said to be an extension of a video game called The Simpsons: Tapped out. In the game, users have to build Springfield anew due to an incident that Homer caused at the Nuclear Power Plant. The property’s price tag is a whopping US$81,000, which is not surprising considering what we now know.

Simpsons Crypto Episode Serving as Crypto Explainer

On February 24, Fox aired yet another of the Simpson’s most educational episodes. This time, covering the subject of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Featured in this episode called “Frinkcoin” is “Big Bang Theory” star Jim Parsons, also known as “TV’s most beloved scientist.”

Parsons gets straight to the point. He shares that he’s going to explore the subject of “distributed consensus-based cryptocurrency.” He then continues to explain how cryptocurrencies work, showing that every transaction that happens is recorded in a distributed ledger.

That means whenever someone uses a cryptocurrency, their transaction is automatically filed onto the ledger. However, these ledgers have limited storage capacity. When one fills up, it’s necessary to incorporate it into a chain of previous books. That’s why it’s called a “blockchain.”

Parsons voices himself doing the press release, which Professor Frink is also a part of. Interestingly, the press release is basically part of a school essay by Lisa Simpson. It features an exciting new cryptocurrency called the “Frinkcoin.” With this cryptocurrency, Professor Frink becomes the richest man in Springfield. He surpasses his predecessor Mr. Burns.

Towards the end of the snippet, the show takes a dig at the environmental cost of cryptocurrency production. They also say they know who Satoshi is. If you’ll recall, Satoshi is the name of the anonymous founder of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as we know it.

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Connection with The Big Bang Theory TV Show

Jim Parsons is quite an old hand when it comes to tacking the subject of cryptocurrency on TV. In November 2017, Big Bang Theory dedicated an entire episode called “The Bitcoin Entanglement” to digital assets.

In it, the main cast reflects on how they mined Bitcoin back before it was popular, while imagining how much money they’d rake in when BTC’s worth reaches $5,000. The episodes also show the gang eagerly learning about the price rally.

But, it’s worth noting that this wasn’t the first or last time that crypto and blockchain technology talk was featured on a fictional TV show. The topics have appeared on many other shows. These include Marry Me, Supernatural, Silicon Valley (of course), Parks and Recreation, House of Cards, Persons of Interest, Almost Human, Jeopardy, The Good Wife, CSI Cyber, Startup, and Mr. Robot.


The Simpsons crypto episodes were quite revolutionary both back then and now. Both show a thorough understanding of the technology. There’s an insinuation that they not only knew about its eventual invention but that they know who its creator is as well. Say what you will about the Simpsons, the show is pretty good at predicting future events.

What are your thoughts on the Simpsons crypto episode? Let us know in the comments section below. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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